Leftists lost their minds once they heard about DeSantis’ latest tax relief plan

May 16, 2024

Joe Biden thinks taxing Americans to death is the path towards economic prosperity.

But Bidenomics does not work, and DeSantis just proved it.

And now leftists have lost their minds once they heard about DeSantis’ latest tax relief plan.

Lower taxes lead to economic freedom

Tax-and-spend liberals love to take people’s hard-earned money and use it to fund their latest pet project.

But Ron DeSantis believes true economic freedom is not found in “trusting the government.”

Instead, DeSantis wants to make sure American taxpayers keep more of their money, to spend it as they see fit.

April 15th is tragically known as “Tax Day”.

And while citizen’s in other states are forced to hand over money to the government, Florida is different as they do not have income tax.

On X, DeSantis wrote “On Tax Day, I can report the following – Number of individual income tax filings due to the State of Florida for calendar year 2023: Zero.”

He continued “Amount of individual income tax revenue collected by the State of Florida for calendar year 2023: Zero.”

But DeSantis did not stop there.

Over a billion dollars more in tax relief

Ensuring Floridians would keep even more of their money, DeSantis signed a bill providing massive tax relief for residents, estimated at over a billion dollars in relief!

DeSantis announced a 14-day “back-to-school” tax relief allowing families to shop for school and clothing supplies tax free.

To help Floridians prepare for hurricane season, DeSantis stated Florida would have a disaster preparedness tax holiday allowing residents to stock up on necessary supplies, tax free, Orlando news channel WESH reported.

DeSantis also dubbed July “freedom month” allowing Floridians to buy recreational items like boating and fishing supplies tax free.

As if that was not enough, DeSantis listed more tax relief for Floridians such as offering a “tool time sales tax holiday” allowing folks to purchase items like toolboxes and working boots – again tax free.

The Florida model

Tax-happy liberals insist without imposing taxes, their states would not have money to function.
But DeSantis proves yet again nothing could be further from the truth.

Floridians enjoy low taxes while living in a prosperous economy.

“Florida’s economy has remained strong despite reckless federal spending and failed policies in Washington,” DeSantis said in a press release.

“This tax relief package will provide much needed relief for Florida’s families, especially as the D.C. political class shows no signs of reversing course on the inflationary policies of the federal government,” DeSantis continued.

Florida House Speaker Paul Renner agreed.

“At a time of rising inflation, Florida’s legislative leaders and Governor DeSantis continue to deliver meaningful tax relief to help the people of Florida,” Renner said.

“People across the country are finding out what Floridians have known for years—allowing people to keep more of what they earn benefits Florida families, workers, retirees, and businesses,” Renner added.

DeSantis continues to prove his Florida model of lowering taxes works.

But of course, big-government liberals cannot stand low taxes, as they know the only way they can remain in power is to steal other people’s money to buy votes.

They should take a page from the DeSantis playbook and learn the best way to earn the trust of residents is to let them keep their own money.

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