Ron DeSantis cut one college requirement that left the woke outrage mob seething

Mar 8, 2024

Florida is taking the woke out of its colleges and universities.

That is not sitting well with the Left after they controlled higher education for decades.

And Ron DeSantis cut one college requirement that left the woke outrage mob seething.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is clearing out the wokeness that has taken over higher education.

Many college courses are Marxist indoctrination masquerading as education.

Sociology has become among the worst disciplines outside of racial and gender studies for pushing far-Left views on students.

Sociology replaced with factual history for Florida college students

The Florida Board of Governors which oversees the state’s university system caused a meltdown when they approved replacing sociology with a factual history course as a required class for college students.

Florida Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. said on social media that Sociology has been “hijacked” by the Left.

“Sociology has been hijacked by Left-wing activists and no longer serves its intended purpose as a general knowledge course for students,” Diaz wrote. “Florida’s higher education system will focus on preparing students for high-demand, high-wage jobs, not woke ideology.”

The American Sociological Association expressed outrage at the decision, but some honest sociology professors agreed with it.

Wayne State University Sociology Professor Jukka Savolainen agreed with the move in an editorial for the Wall Street Journal, where he said the discipline had become “brazenly political.”

“I have taught undergraduate sociology courses since 1996,” Savolainen wrote. “Through the decades, I have watched my discipline morph from a scientific study of social reality into academic advocacy for left-wing causes.”

The Left meltdowns over sociology getting the axe

In an article at the far-Left outlet Truthout, college professors had a meltdown over the class being dropped as a core requirement.

Florida International University Professor Zachary Levenson told the outlet that the required sociology course was “apolitical” and whined that DeSantis was putting too much emphasis on colleges preparing students for the workplace.

Levenson claimed that anti-woke forces “want to change the university from an institution that values the production of knowledge to one that ensures that graduates are prepared for well-remunerated jobs. People like Diaz and DeSantis see programs and content that go beyond preparation for the world of work as unnecessary.”

Buffalo University professor Christopher Mele admitted that the point of sociology was pushing a Left-wing political agenda on students.

“Debates and discussions touch on politics, economics, and racial, class, gender, ethnic, and religious differences, but when right-wing legislators hear these words they freak out,” Mele said. “They see talking about these things as divisive and in some cases as indoctrination. It’s complete nonsense.”

Their complaints were a tacit admission that no one would take sociology unless they were forced to do so.

Florida is setting the example for the rest of the country by tearing wokeness out by its roots in higher education.

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