Donald Trump called on some of his supporters in Florida to make one move that left Ron DeSantis fuming

Mar 28, 2024

Donald Trump believes in loyalty.

It is the most important quality for a potential new hire to have.

But Donald Trump called on some of his supporters in Florida to make one move that left Ron DeSantis fuming.

Joe Biden is waging a campaign of unprecedented lawfare (legal action undertaken as part of a hostile campaign) against Donald Trump as part of his re-election strategy for November.

Trump is facing 91 criminal charges across four politically-charged indictments.

He has already been in New York City court for weeks as part of Attorney General Letitia James’ $450 million fraud suit for allegedly overvaluing the value of Mar-a-Lago.

And Trump could potentially face trial in Washington, D.C., and in Georgia before the November election.

The lawsuits and Presidential campaigning require Donald Trump to spend a lot of time traveling and away from his home in Florida.

But Trump was back in Florida over the weekend for the Trump International Golf Club West Palm Beach Awards Night.

“It is my great honor to be at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach tonight, AWARDS NIGHT, to receive THE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY & THE SENIOR CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY,” he wrote on Truth Social. “I WON BOTH!” 

Trump went on to note how a “great and difficult course made the play very exciting.”

But Trump also issued a call to his supporters while in Florida over the weekend that left Ron DeSantis steaming mad.

Laurel Lee (R-FL) represents the 15th Congressional District in Florida.

She endorsed Ron DeSantis for President before he dropped out of the race, at which point she endorsed Trump.

“His leadership and his vision made Florida a shining beacon of freedom,” she said when announcing her support for DeSantis. “Ron DeSantis fights for what matters, and he wins when it matters most.” 

“Our country is in crisis, and it is time Americans learn what Floridians already know: Ron DeSantis’s conservative principles, proven track record, and his commitment to our country are exactly what we need in a leader,” she continued. “It was my honor to serve in his administration and it is my honor today to endorse him for President of the United States.”

Lee endorsed Trump after DeSantis dropped out of the race.

However, Donald Trump is big on loyalty.

And the former President is looking for a “MAGA Republican” in the 15th District to step up and run a primary campaign against Lee.

“Any great MAGA Republicans looking to run against Laurel Lee in Florida’s 15th Congressional District?” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform. 


Jackie Toledo immediately answered Trump’s call.

Toledo lost to Lee in the 2022 Primary and is ready for another round.

“Great MAGA Republican answering the call and ready to serve,” she posted on X above a picture of herself wearing a Trump 2020 cowboy hat.

Lee’s District was hotly contested in the 2022 primary race.  

Lee only received 41% of the vote because of four challengers.   

But she may not make it to November if America First conservatives get their way.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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