Ron DeSantis uttered two words about 2024 that are serious bad news for Democrats

Mar 28, 2024

Ron DeSantis’ Presidential campaign might be over.

But that does not mean he is sitting on the sidelines for the election. 

And Ron DeSantis uttered two words about 2024 that are serious bad news for Democrats.

Ron DeSantis ready to help Republicans

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis endorsed former President Donald Trump after he dropped out of the GOP Presidential primary.

Now he is ready to hit the campaign trail to help Republicans during the 2024 Election.

In Miami Beach, DeSantis said that he did not expect Florida to be in play at the “top of the ticket” or that the state would be competitive in its federal races.

“[It’s] no longer a 1-point state,” DeSantis said. “This is not gonna be a state that’s competitive. I don’t anticipate there being much campaigning here.”

He said he was ready to “help nationally” with campaigning for the November election.

“I want to be able to do that,” DeSantis said. “I don’t know (how) exactly.”

DeSantis defends Trump from establishment and Democrat attacks

President Joe Biden has serious problems with his base in polling, and with states like Michigan and Washington seeing a significant number of “uncommitted” protest votes.

To comfort themselves, Democrats and the Republican establishment claimed that former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley getting 14% of the primary vote was a sign Trump had problems with his base.

“Don’t forget, Nikki Haley was a candidate when mail ballots went out,” DeSantis said. “It wasn’t an uncontested Primary. She was a live candidate. People sent in mail ballots who maybe didn’t want Trump. It wasn’t that he was uncontested.”

DeSantis pointed out that the Florida Democratic Party is “the best opposition party we could ever ask for” after they canceled their Presidential Primary for Biden.

“They canceled their Presidential Primary because they feared Joe Biden may get embarrassed by not getting a high enough percentage. And what did that do? That totally tanked their turnout and that gave Republicans an ability to win, like, the Delray Beach Mayor’s race, which (historically has not been) inside Republican territory,” DeSantis explained.

Republican candidates for local office picked up wins in heavily Democrat areas after turnout from the Left dropped from a lack of a Democrat Presidential Primary while Republicans turned out for theirs.

“They have a real serious habit of just doing dumb things over and over again and look, I mean, I mean, in some respects, just as a Floridian, you know, you look and say why would you do it? But as a Republican, I’m really happy that they continue to shoot themselves in the foot. They have dug themselves a hole,” DeSantis said.

Democrats dug themselves a much deeper hole to climb out of in the November general election in Florida after canceling their Primary.

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