Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is trying to stop this scary rule by Biden’s EPA

Apr 22, 2024

Joe Biden’s extreme environmental agenda is now being mixed with wokeness.

This toxic brew is threatening the entire country.

Now Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is trying to stop this scary rule by Biden’s EPA.

Biden spreading equity and racial justice throughout the federal government

President Joe Biden issued an executive order on his first day in office, requiring that the federal government prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) along with racial justice.

Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) used the order to begin weaponizing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to target companies for the alleged harm they created for black communities.

Title VI prohibits using race, color, or national origin to discriminate against access to federally funded programs.

This “environmental justice” concept has become a top priority for the Biden administration.

“We’ve put environmental justice at the center of what we do, addressing the disproportionate health, environmental, and economic impacts that have been borne primarily by communities of color — places too often left behind,” Biden said in 2022 on Earth Day.

Florida and Republican states target the EPA’s environmental justice scheme

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is leading a group of 23 states in filing a lawsuit challenging the EPA’s use of Title VI for environmental justice schemes.

“The EPA should be focusing on enforcing the environmental laws passed by Congress, not so called ‘environmental justice,’ which is a euphemism for Biden’s extreme agenda,” Moody said. “His radical exploitation of Title VI, if followed, would force states to unconstitutionally discriminate against their own citizens. The EPA should grant our Petition and revise its Title VI regulations.”

She accused Biden’s EPA of using racial factors to make decisions on matters such as issuing permits.

“The EPA has taken unprecedented steps to use the EPA’s Title VI regulations to advance what it calls ‘environmental justice’…In practice, ‘environmental justice’ asks the States to engage in racial engineering in deciding whether to, for example, issue environmental permits, rather than relying on the effect on the environment and other appropriate factors,” Moody added.

This ignores the Supreme Court ruling in Alexander v. Sandoval, which expressed skepticism of disparate impact regulations used by the EPA in its racial justice push.

Disparate impact does not require an intentional motive in actions that lead to unequal outcomes for minorities.

The EPA declaring that an action unintentionally harmed minorities could let the agency target a company.

“Although Sandoval did not directly address the validity of Title VI disparate impact regulations, the Court expressed significant skepticism on the validity of those regulations. The Court explained that the regulations were ‘in considerable tension with the rule…that forbids only intentional discrimination,’” Moody said. “Other scholars have even suggested that the EPA’s regulations violate the Equal Protection Clause.”

The attorneys general asked the EPA to change its Title VI regulations.

“By imposing disparate impact liability where it is not called for by statute, the EPA’s regulations gravely depart from the original understanding of Title VI and compel States to unconstitutionally discriminate against their citizens by incorporating disparate-impact liability. EPA should grant this Petition and revise its Title VI regulations to be consistent with Title VI and the Equal Protection Clause,” Moody concluded.

Joe Biden is weaponizing civil rights law to achieve his extreme environmental objectives.

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