This Florida man just found out that it takes a lot more than a wig to look like a woman

May 2, 2024

Over 500,000 men in the United States identify as a transgendered woman.

But some men occasionally dress like women for nefarious reasons.

And this Florida man just found out that it takes more than a wig to look like a woman.

Criminals keep police in Florida busy all year long.

But Florida police are extra busy this time of year.

Florida received an estimated 135 million visitors in 2023.

The Sunshine State’s annual visitors travel to Florida for a number of reasons, including beaches, waterfront activities, restaurant dining, shopping, sightseeing, and amusement and theme parks.

With over 100 million people traveling to Florida each year, police officers in the state have seen just about every type of criminal activity one can imagine.

But a recent boat thief gave Florida police something new to add to their list of strange criminal behavior.

Law enforcement from the Glades County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) were investigating a recovered stolen boat in the Old Calusa Lodge area.

While searching the area where they found the stolen boat, police officers noticed what appeared to be a blonde woman in a dress leaving a residence at the scene of the crime.

But it did not take long for the officers to realize that this was not a woman.

Instead, it was 33-year-old Joshua Kolotka attempting to flee the officers and escape arrest.

“When the deputies began canvassing the area in search of the alleged suspect, they observed Kolotka exiting a residence dressed as a woman in an attempt to disguise himself,” Mysuncoast reported. “The deputies were able to apprehend Kolotka and he was arrested for two Okeechobee County warrants, along with the theft of a John Deere Gator and the stolen boat.”

Along with the boat and the Gator, police also noticed several other items on-scene that appeared to be stolen from the same area.

Apparently, Kolotka thought looking like a woman was as simple as throwing on a wig, a dress, a cardigan, and a pair of sunglasses.

But he found out the hard way that passing as a woman is much harder than he realized.

And that landed him a trip to the county jail on theft charges.

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