Florida is trying to stop Joe Biden from enacting this awful electric vehicle scheme

Apr 26, 2024

Joe Biden wants to force everyone into an electric vehicle.

He is using the government to wipe out the gasoline-powered competition.

Now Florida is trying to stop Joe Biden from enacting this awful electric vehicle scheme.

Biden’s electric vehicle agenda goes into overdrive

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the toughest tailpipe emission standards in history last month as part of President Joe Biden’s climate change agenda.

By 2032, automakers will have to reduce tailpipe emissions by almost 50% to comply with the stringent new regulation.

That would create a de facto electric vehicle mandate to keep automakers in compliance and send the price of the few remaining gasoline-powered vehicles through the roof.

Biden has tried to nudge drivers into switching to electric with tax incentives, but consumers don’t want these expensive and impractical Bidenmobiles.

So, he is wiping out their competition to force drivers into them.

Republican states sue over Biden’s electric vehicle mandate

A group of 25 Republican state attorneys general led by Kentucky and West Virginia filed a lawsuit in the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit against the Biden EPA over its new tailpipe emissions standards.

The attorneys general argued that the EPA lacked the legal authority to impose such a sweeping change.

Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman said the rule would devastate the economy and raise prices.

“Conservative attorneys general are slamming the brakes on President Biden’s radical green agenda that is using the weight of the federal government to force expensive EVs on families, workers, and farmers,” Coleman said in a statement to Fox News Digital. 

Coleman added that there’s little interest in electric vehicles in Kentucky.

“Even if Americans wanted to buy an electric car, we can’t afford them amid historic inflation,” Coleman continued. “We’re taking President Biden’s EPA to court to block this latest big-government mandate and protect the free market.”

More than 60% of vehicles sold in the country will be electric by 2032 if the rule is enforced, up from less than 10% today.

Kentucky and West Virginia are joined in the lawsuit by Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said that she was standing up for the vast majority of drivers who use gasoline-powered vehicles.

“Biden’s EPA continues to push radical Green New Deal policies at a time when the infrastructure is not in place and Americans are struggling economically due to Biden-created inflation,” Moody said. “Despite these concerns, Biden is trying to force a more than 60% increase in EV car sales over the next decade. We continue to fight Biden’s short-sighted and out-of-touch policies—taking legal action today to protect Americans from these outrageous emissions standards.”

Joe Biden is hell-bent on forcing drivers behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

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