Ron DeSantis shut down this scheme by the woke outrage mob to target students

Apr 25, 2024

Left-wing activists are experts at finding a loophole and exploiting it to their advantage.

One of their plans to weaponize a Florida law was upended. 

And Ron DeSantis shut down this scheme by the woke outrage mob to target students.

New Florida law allows volunteer chaplains to help at schools

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is always looking for new ways to help students get the support they need to succeed.

He signed HB 931 into law, which created a statewide program for chaplains in schools.

Schools would be allowed to bring volunteer chaplains onto campus to provide support for students after they went through a background check. 

Students would only be able to receive counseling from chaplains if they received written consent from their parents.

This common-sense law would give students additional support to help them succeed in school and life.

“It used to be, I mean, when education in the United States first started, every school was a religious school. That was just part of it. Public schools were religious schools. There’s been things that have been done over the years that veered away from that original intent,” DeSantis said. “But the reality is, I think what we’re doing is really restoring the sense of purpose that our founding fathers wanted to see in education.”

But immediately after DeSantis signed the bill into the law, left-wing activists began to plot how they were going to exploit it.

Ron DeSantis tells satanic group they cannot exploit law to help kids

The chaplain law was opposed by left-wing groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for exposing students to religion.

To exploit the new law, The Satanic Temple announced that it was going to try and register its members to be school chaplains.

Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves claimed that the Constitution’s equal protection clause meant that satanists could participate in the program.

The group’s main goal is not the worship of Satan but to try and exploit laws that they perceive as beneficial to Christianity to get them shut down by forcing satanists to receive equal treatment.

That is why they have tried to put up satanic displays at State Capitals that put up Christmas or Easter decorations.

DeSantis was not going to play games with them.

“Some have said that if you do a school chaplain program that, somehow, you’re going to have satanists running around in all our schools,” DeSantis said. “We’re not playing those games in Florida.”

He pointed out that satanism is not a real religion.

“That is not a religion,” DeSantis explained. “That is not qualified to be able to participate in this. So, we’re going to be using common sense when it comes to this. You don’t have to worry about it.”

The Satanic Temple and other groups have threatened to sue Florida over the law.

“The question isn’t whether we’re going to go to court. I think they are going to go to court,” DeSantis said. “But just think about what the ACLU is saying. This bill, when the chaplains come to campus, the parents have to consent for the student to receive services from there. So, this is purely voluntary. It’s not imposing anything that anyone doesn’t want.”

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