Mickey Mouse could go on strike because of this nightmare scenario for Disney

Apr 25, 2024

Disney is in turmoil after financial losses from going woke. 

Now it is facing a revolt by some of its most famous characters. 

And Mickey Mouse could go on strike because of this nightmare scenario for Disney.

Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is billed as the “happiest place on earth.”

But some prominent workers at the theme park are unhappy about how Disney has treated them.

Disneyland workers who dress up as characters joining a union

Guests at Disneyland could see Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Minnie Mouse walking a picket line in the future.

Workers at the theme park who dress up as iconic Disney characters filed a petition to hold a vote on unionizing.

The 1,700 Disney workers who perform as characters are seeking to join the Actors’ Equity Association, a union that mainly represents Broadway performers. 

They are organizing under the name Magic United. 

“The cast members who bring the characters and parades to life have been non-union since Disneyland Resort opened in the 1950s and have watched other workers in the park unionize all around them,” Actors’ Equity president Kate Shindle said.

Disneyland has more than 21,000 workers who are already forced to be represented by Big Labor.

The workers who play the characters are among the last non-union workers at the park.

“These performers, and the hosts, leads, and trainers who create magic alongside them, know that their lives — as well as the guest experience at Disneyland — can be improved through collective bargaining,” Shindle said. “They deserve a voice in their workplace, and meaningful negotiations over wages, benefits, and working conditions.”

A vote to unionize run by President Joe Biden’s Big Labor-controlled National Labor Relations Board would likely take place in May or June.

Mickey Mouse complains about working conditions at the happiest place on earth

Workers said that the conditions at Disneyland led them to become upset at their treatment by the park’s management.

They cited Disney asking them to begin hugging children again during the pandemic, injuries sustained from their costumes, and wages as complaints about their conditions.

Adam Hefner, who plays a Star Wars character at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge, told the Los Angeles Times that the park lost some of its magic after putting on the costume.

“After a couple of months … the fairy dust fades away, and you see your friends and people you really care about hurting and burnt out and not able to pay their rent,” Hefner said. “Despite it being ‘the happiest place on earth’ … it’s not always the case for the people that are working there.”

Disney’s theme parks are among the most profitable parts of its entertainment portfolio.

The company is planning on investing $60 billion into them over the next decade.

Now Disneyland could face the nightmare scenario of having Mickey Mouse go out on strike if the union vote succeeds.

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