Disney was hit with this complaint for wokeness that left Ron DeSantis jumping for joy

Apr 3, 2024

Disney decided to make its central mission promoting a left-wing agenda through its entertainment.

Now that decision could cost them big time.

And Disney was hit with this complaint for wokeness that left Ron DeSantis jumping for joy.

Injecting a woke political agenda into its entertainment has hurt Disney’s bottom line.

Audiences are rejecting content from Disney that promotes radical gender ideologies, racism, and the LGBTQ agenda.

Now the suffering shareholders of Disney’s slumping stock could be getting some relief.

Disney accused of hurting its investors by going woke

America First Legal, a conservative nonprofit founded by members of the Trump administration, sent a 50-page letter to Disney accusing the company of harming its shareholders by pushing a “woke” agenda.

The letter claimed that pushing a left-wing political agenda did “damage to Disney’s brand, properties, and commercial reputation by management’s manufactured misalignment between its woke political and social agenda and the vast majority of the Company’s customers.”

America First Legal claimed that Disney lost more than $100 billion to its market capitalization since February 2021 because management “intentionally manufactured misalignment between the Company and its core customers.”

Disney’s stock price is down more than $70 per share since its high in March 2021.

“Disney has displayed an inexplicable disregard for its customers and shareholders, forcing radical gender-expansive, anti-White, and anti-police content on families while providing warnings about harmful content on uncontroversial content,” America First Legal wrote in a release.

Disney’s kid shows have alarming content

The group singled out several shows on the Disney+ streaming service for their woke content.

An episode of Muppet Babies featured the male character of Gonzo dressed up as a princess to act out the Disney classic, Cinderella.

“He ultimately rejects societal norms and his biology by cross-dressing as the princess named ‘Gonzo-rella,’ whom the other Muppets celebrate,” the letter states.

Viewers can watch this episode in Junior Mode but are restricted from watching the original Cinderella under the same age settings.

It also cites the children’s cartoon, Rise Up, Sing Out, which “tells young children that ‘racism in the world affects me and you’ and that their skin color is what defines them.”

A black character in the same cartoon warns the other characters that the police could arrest him because he is black.

This letter comes on the heels of America First Legal filing a civil rights complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in February for an illegal effort to hire and promote employees based on their race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

“Disney is an iconic American brand–the product of decades of family-focused content infused with American pride that hundreds of millions of Americans have enjoyed for decades. But today, Disney’s leadership appears to have abandoned its roots–and most notably, its shareholders–in hopes of placating an insatiable activist movement that aims to radically reshape the Disney brand into something that is completely inconsistent with its history,” America First Legal Executive Director Gene Hamilton said a press release.

The blowback is beginning for Disney after it prioritized going woke over common sense.

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