DeSantis is getting his team back together and left-wing journalists are shaking in their boots

Feb 22, 2024

Governor Ron DeSantis knows personnel is policy and he only surrounds himself with the absolute best. 

Leftists hoped DeSantis and his allies would fade into the sunset, but now they are shell shocked at the ultimate conservative comeback.

And now left-wing journalists are shaking in their boots after learning DeSantis brought his team back together. 

DeSantis only rolls with the best

Many politicians surround themselves with spineless staffers who are quick to sell them out for political gain.

Political staffers are a dime a dozen, and it is all too common for individuals who lack principle to get promoted to high positions simply because they say whatever a politician wants them to.

Other staffers freeze in fear when asked a question by the press, often cowering to the pressure of the left-wing media. 

But Ron DeSantis only employs the very best, and his team is composed of seasoned veterans with the competence and experience to get things done.

Left-wing journalists cannot stand the conservatives in DeSantis’ corner and they had a full-blown meltdown once they learned DeSantis regrouped his core team.

The ultimate conservative team

Christina Pushaw has rejoined DeSantis’ executive team after serving as Rapid Response Director for his presidential campaign. 

“So happy to be back working with this awesome team,” Pushaw wrote on X. 

Pushaw is known for fighting back against left-wing journalists who are only interested in smearing DeSantis by twisting or omitting statements.

In fact, during the parental rights fight in Florida, the Associated Press cut off one of Pushaw’s statements which completely altered its intent.

When asked about it, Pushaw simply replied, “I expressly instructed the journactivist to print it in full. Of course, he didn’t. Last time I ever talk to the AP. Lose my number, David,” Florida’s Voice, reported.

DeSantis’ former press secretary Bryan Griffin is also back on the DeSantis team and now serves as Communications Director in DeSantis’ executive office. 

To complete the conservative communication trio, Jeremy Redfern still remains the press secretary for DeSantis. 

Griffin celebrated the news and posted a GIF on X stating, “we’re putting the band back together.”

Fighting the Left

Leftist journalists will continue to smear DeSantis hoping to tarnish his reputation.

But it will not work with the communication team DeSantis has put together.

As Florida’s Voice reported, DeSantis’ team has a massive social media following and can quickly set the record straight should the press attempt to attack DeSantis.

And with radical Leftists dominating every area of government, now more than ever are sound conservatives needed to fight back against the woke media.

DeSantis may not be President this year, but one thing is certain, he is back in Florida and stronger than ever. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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