Disney and Kleenex just partnered on one woke extremist propaganda campaign that has working class Americans ready to boycott

Feb 12, 2024

Disney has been getting hammered financially.

The company unsurprisingly went broke after going woke.

But Disney and Kleenex just partnered on one woke extremist propaganda campaign that has working class Americans ready to boycott.

Disney CEO Bob Iger has been attempting to pull the company back from the brink.

Box office performance theme park attendance, streaming subscriptions, and the company’s overall stock price are all down across the board.

But it appears as though Disney is doubling down on the same woke extremist indoctrination that contributed to the backslide in the first place.

Disney just partnered with Kleenex to promote LGBTQ tissue paper because everything has to be political.

“Disney partnered with Kleenex to go all in on LGBTQ propaganda,” the Libs of TikTok account wrote on X. “Kleenex designed special LGBTQ pride tissue packaging with Disney themed designs. You can’t even blow your nose without having LGBTQ propaganda shoved in your face. Imagine being so oppressed and marginalized that you get your own special tissues dedicated to you!”

Not only are these companies aggressively pushing LGBTQ messaging, they are including paraphilias like kink.

For example, the Kleenex ad included a man in a gimp mask.

Promoting and celebrating fetishes and other inappropriate behavior has become a core tenant of the woke left-wing religious cult.

In fact, woke self-proclaimed “journalists” have openly called for it.

“I agree that Pride should be a welcoming space for children and teens, but policing how others show up doesn’t protect or uplift young people,” Washington Post columnist Lauren Rowello wrote in 2021. “Instead, homogenizing self-expression at Pride will do more harm to our children than good. When my own children caught glimpses of kink culture, they got to see that the queer community encompasses so many more nontraditional ways of being, living, and loving.”

She wanted her children to see men being led around by dog collars.

This is what the LGBTQ movement has become.

Meanwhile, Iger has complained that Disney movies have become too political.

“We have entertained with values and with having a positive impact on the world in many different ways. Black Panther is a great example of that,” Iger claimed. “I like being able to entertain if you can infuse it with positive messages and have a good impact on the world. Fantastic. But that should not be the objective.”

“When I came back, what I have really tried to do is to return to our roots,” he added. “I’ve worked hard since I’ve been back to reminding the creative community who are our partners and our employees that that’s the objective… And I don’t really want to tolerate the opposite.”

That does not seem to apply to all aspects of the business.




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