A crazy Florida woman lost her mind in a Wawa rampage and left behind a bloody mess

May 10, 2024

Americans love Wawa for their 24-hour convenience and tasty hot sandwiches.

But Wawa guests got more than they bargained for when one Florida woman walked through the doors.

And this crazy Florida woman lost her mind in a Wawa rampage that left behind a bloody mess.

A knife in the deli

37-year-old Christina Marie Crane entered a Florida Wawa and was apparently under the influence and in a state of “excited delirium”.

She headed over to the food section, but it was not her food cravings she was trying to satisfy.

Upon entering the deli, Crane did not grab her favorite sandwich or sweet treat.

Instead of a sandwich, Crane stole a deli knife and stabbed a man in the hand causing him to bleed, reported Fox News.

But she did not stop there.

After leaving Wawa, Crane entered an office and wielded her bloody knife over a female employee threatening to kill her. 


Crane then began smashing computers causing thousands of dollars of damage, Fox News reported.

Sounds like Crane’s “excited delirium” took a dark turn.

While she caused damage and minor injuries, things could have ended up much worse.

Busted by the police

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

But in her delirious state and out-of-control actions someone could have died.

The police thought so too, and are charging Crane with attempted felony murder, criminal mischief, and aggravated assault, stated Fox 13 Tampa.

Under DeSantis leadership, law enforcement officers receive funding and support from their communities, so they are equipped to do their jobs.

Lunatics in Florida may have a field day for a fleeting moment, but they will face steep consequences if they are caught.

Florida is tough on crime and they will not tolerate out-of-control tirades from folks like Christina.

24 hours of madness

Businesses that choose to stay open for 24 hours often deal with crooks and weirdos doing damage in the wee hours of the night.

It is just the way it goes.

Waffle House continues to make the news across the nation for the continued stabbings and drunken brawls gone wrong.

And of course, Walmart is the butt of many jokes with some people dedicating entire websites mocking the insane things that take place at their local Walmart.

As for Wawa, it will remain a favorite hangout spot for bored teenagers and people looking to satisfy their late-night cravings.

But Wawa goers need to know at any moment a knife-wielding lunatic could enter through the doors seeking to cause harm.

Christina is lucky the police placed her in custody, as things could have ended up much worse for her if someone had ended her rampage with a swift act of self-defense.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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