Disney threw in the towel in an ugly fight with Ron DeSantis after this announcement

Jun 13, 2024

Disney was locked into an ugly feud with Ron DeSantis over indoctrinating children.

Now the woke entertainment conglomerate is tucking its tail.

And Disney threw in the towel in an ugly fight with Ron DeSantis after this announcement.

Disney announces major expansion plans in Florida 

Disney became a giant in the entertainment industry by producing family-friendly entertainment that parents and children could enjoy.

But the woke company has lost its way after it made promoting radical gender ideologies and the LGBT agenda in its content a top priority.

Disney decided to wade into the culture wars by picking a fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his parental rights in education bill that prevented students in grades K-3 from being taught radical gender ideologies or sexual orientation.

That sparked a feud that led to DeSantis dissolving the special self-government privileges that Florida had granted Disney over its theme parks in Central Florida since the 1960s.

DeSantis dissolved the governing board which was controlled by Disney and established a new one with leadership appointed by him.

Disney sued to keep its government-granted handout but dropped its lawsuit in March. 

Critics of DeSantis in the media said that going to war with Disney over its theme parks would be a disaster for a state with an economy driven by tourism.

Some pundits even suggested that Disney could pack and leave the Sunshine State for another state.

Now Disney is announcing plans for a major expansion of its operations in Florida.

Disney to invest $17 billion for a new theme park in Florida 

The Central Florida Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, which is the governing entity for Disney that DeSantis created, voted to give Disney the green light to build a fifth theme park in Central Florida.

Disney would invest $17 billion to develop another theme park at the Walt Disney World resort complex.

Central Florida Tourism Oversight District planning and engineering manager Katherine Luetzow made the announcement after the board gave initial approval.

“Disney is currently planning up to $17 billion of capital investments within the district in the next 10 to 20 years, with a commitment of $8 billion in the next 10 years,” Luetzow said. “There are provisions for by local initiatives, including a minimum of 50% of goods and services related to the design, development, and construction, to be retained with Florida businesses.”

Disney Parks external affairs director Woody Rodriguez thanked the DeSantis-appointed board for moving the project forward.

“I especially thank your district administrator who definitely hit the ground running,” Rodriguez said. “The development agreement will enable us to continue to invest significantly in the district to benefit all parties. We hope that the board votes to approve it at your next public hearing. Thank you.”

Disney said in its lawsuit against DeSantis that his actions threatened the company’s future business operations in Florida.

Now the entertainment giant is moving forward with a major expansion after dropping its lawsuit against the Florida Governor.

DeSantis notched another win over Disney and Florida is going to benefit from another theme park. 

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