Florida man accused of using a samurai sword to attack his friend for one shocking reason

Feb 16, 2024

Friends just aren’t what they used to be, especially not in the Sunshine State.

And in this day and age, friendships can devolve into violence seemingly at the drop of a hat.

Now this Florida man is accused of using a samurai sword to attack his friend for one shocking reason.

And this man accused of using a samurai sword to attack his friend recently in Daytona Beach is still on the run, according to police.

A violent video game turns real life

Walter Grimes, 25, of Daytona Beach, stopped by his friend’s apartment along South Beach Street one recent evening to “hang out.”

Unfortunately, it also appears Grimes had much more on his mind, an Xbox. 

And Grimes was reportedly upset over being homeless and having to walk everywhere with all his belongings, according to a Daytona Beach Police Department affidavit.

But it seems Grimes wanted to add one more item to the belongings he has to carry, and that is when things allegedly turned violent.

The victim, and one would assume former friend, told police he had known Grimes for about two years.

Police said when Grimes went on to ask the victim if he was going to give him his Xbox, the victim replied that the answer was “no”.  

That did not sit well with Grimes, who apparently needed the Xbox for his travels, or more likely to sell. 

According to the police affidavit, Grimes then got angry and grabbed a samurai sword that was in the apartment and struck his friend twice across the left side of their face and upper shoulder. 

The victim reported it was a sneak attack, and that Grimes had said nothing threatening to him before he attacked him with the sword and ran away afterwards.

Cuts like a knife

The victim, who surprisingly told police he was not sure if he wanted to press charges, suffered an approximately 3-inch long cut to his left upper cheek, an approximately 2-inch cut to his left shoulder, and a small laceration to his right knuckles. 

Police reported that none of his injuries were life-threatening, and the victim was treated and released from a local hospital. 

A neighbor reported hearing screams coming from the apartment and then seeing the victim open his door while screaming and covered in blood, the affidavit states. 

When the neighbor asked the victim what had happened, he allegedly pointed to the sword on the ground and stated, “Walter stabbed me.”

The neighbor went back in his apartment and called 911.

Officers arrived at the scene, and after securing it, began the search for Grimes.

But they say their attempts to locate Grimes were unsuccessful. 

Two days after the Samurai attack, police remained on the lookout for Grimes, who was still on the run.

At least he left the Samurai sword behind, so there will not be any more of those kind of assaults by Grimes.

Unless of course he finds another weapon lying around, or another Xbox.

It remains unclear what he might do for a new PlayStation.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 


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