Ron DeSantis spoke one truth about the police that Democrats are going to hate

Apr 8, 2024

Democrats make no effort to hide their contempt for the men and women of law enforcement.

Now they are dealing with the blowback for their pro-criminal policies.

And Ron DeSantis spoke one truth about the police that Democrats are going to hate.

New York City cop gunned down by a career criminal

New York City Police Officer Jonathan Diller lost his life in the line of duty after he was shot by a career criminal.

Guy Rivera and an associate were illegally parked in front of a bus stop when Diller approached their vehicle on a routine traffic stop.

But he was shot in the stomach by Rivera and later passed away leaving behind a wife and an infant son.

Rivera was a career criminal who had been arrested 21 times, and was walking the streets after a five-year prison sentence for drug possession.

New York’s soft-on-crime policies are giving violent criminals a slap on the wrist and putting them back on the street.

Ron DeSantis goes scorched earth on Democrats

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed Democrats for embracing criminals and giving police the cold shoulder during an interview on Newsmax.

“They get no support from these Democrat politicians,” DeSantis said. “It used to be police officers, a lot of them were Democrats. That’s changed. The Democratic Party has turned their back on law enforcement, they embrace the criminal element and let the inmates run the asylum.”

In one of the starkest contrasts of the 2024 Election, President Joe Biden held a star-studded fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama while on the same day, former President Donald Trump attended the wake for Officer Diller and consoled his grieving family.

Biden skipped the wake to attend the fundraiser.

“And, you know, Obama and Biden and Clinton can raise 25 million because they’re in the upper echelon,” DeSantis remarked. “So, they’re immune from their own policies. The people that it really hurts are the people who are more working-class and middle-income Americans. The Democratic Party has turned their back on them. They’ve really become the party of the elites.”

While Democrat controlled cities began defunding the police after George Floyd’s death in 2020, DeSantis doubled down on his support for law enforcement.

He created a law enforcement relocation program to recruit police officers from states to move to Florida with financial incentives and other assistance.

Numerous members of the New York City Police Department have taken advantage of it and began working in the Sunshine State.

Ron DeSantis has established Florida as a law-and-order state that backs the blue.

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