Ron DeSantis told Fox News Channel’s Mark Levin one surprising fact about his new book

Feb 28, 2023

The one question on the minds of most Republican voters is whether or not Ron DeSantis is planning to run for President in 2024.

Many see DeSantis’ new book, The Courage to be Free, as a prelude to a 2024 Presidential run.

But Ron DeSantis told Fox News Channel’s Mark Levin one surprising fact about his new book.

Although several other establishment candidates are expected to join Nikki Haley and enter the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary, most political experts agree that Ron DeSantis is the only Republican who poses a threat to Donald Trump for the nomination.

DeSantis’ meteoric rise to stardom in the GOP started when he rejected the authoritarian COVID mandates in favor of a freedom-first agenda for Florida.

DeSantis then became a rock star when he showed Republicans it was possible to fight back and win against the Left’s woke agenda.

And after his 19-point landslide re-election victory, where he turned Florida red and picked up a GOP supermajority in the legislature, DeSantis catapulted from a distant second place to running neck-and-neck with Trump in the polls.

But right now DeSantis is keeping his 2024 plans very close to his chest.

However, sources close to DeSantis claim he is planning to run for President and will announce his decision after the current legislative session ends in May.

And the Florida Governor is also making moves that many see as laying the groundwork for a White House bid.

DeSantis recently visited New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania to share his pro-police agenda with law enforcement officers.

And on Tuesday, DeSantis is releasing his book, The Courage to be Free.

On Sunday, DeSantis sat down for an interview with Fox News Channel’s Mark Levin to discuss the release of his book.

Levin lavished praise on DeSantis, noting that “this is not a typical politician’s book, this is written like an American citizen.”

“The other thing I noticed is there is no gossip in the book,” Levin said. “You don’t really attack in the book.”

DeSantis responded by informing Levin that he actually wrote the book himself, which is why it comes across more authentic than other political books.

“I actually wrote it,” he noted. “It’s not an easy thing to do – I think it comes across as more authentic […] I try to focus on the policies, the principles, and then a lot about – what does it mean to be a leader?”

DeSantis also explained where his values come from, as his “father’s from western Pennsylvania” and his “mother’s from northeastern Ohio.”

“So that is like steel country, that is like blue collar salt of the earth,” DeSantis said about where his parents are from. “And as you know, Mark, Florida is very eclectic, people kind of come from all over,” he continued, before adding that “we do have a culture, and so I grew up in that culture, but really it was kind of those Rust Belt values that raised me.”

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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