A CNN host made one confession about Ron DeSantis that put jaws on the floor

Feb 16, 2024

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis helped change the political landscape.

His actions led to Democrats reevaluating their beliefs on one prominent issue. 

And a CNN host made one confession about Ron DeSantis that put jaws on the floor.

The conversation around the border crisis began to change after Democrats began to deal with the problem firsthand.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott began busing illegal aliens that were pouring into his state to Democrat-controlled cities and states that were sanctuary jurisdictions.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis created a national media meltdown when he had illegal aliens flown from Texas to the upscale resort island, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. 

The shoe was now on the other foot for Democrats in the interior of the country, who got to experience firsthand the problem they helped create.

CNN Political Director David Chalian said that illegal immigration was previously a right-wing issue, but that thinking had changed on the issue after it was brought to blue cities and states.

He discussed the recent victory of Democrat candidate Tom Suozzi in the special election for a New York Congressional district on Long Island.

“Tom Suozzi was advertising with him on Fox News talking about his full defense of ICE,” Chalian said. “So, not every Democrat runs on the immigration issue the way Tom Suozzi did in this district. It worked for him there.”

Suozzi tried to portray himself as tough on illegal immigration in his campaign ads.

“There does seem to be a bit of a divide inside the Democratic Party about how to grapple with this immigration issue but you’re right, it is going to be a front-and-center issue,” Chalian explained. 

“We normally think of it, I think, in the past, John, like that it’s just an issue for the right-wing echo chamber. But the whole movement that Greg Abbott did and what have you to bring the migrant issue and crisis to cities, to blue states and cities, that has changed the calculus here. You see this issue rising in importance for all voters,” Chalian added.

Every state has become a border state under President Joe Biden.

The border and illegal immigration have become top issues in polling, on par with the cost of living and the economy.

Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis helped change the national conversation on illegal immigration by bringing the border crisis to the doorstep of blue cities and states.

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