A new bombshell report just proved how Florida is crushing every other state in this key area

Apr 9, 2024

Liberal politicians are destroying American cities with their radical “reform” policies.

And while bad actors continue to prosper, local residents continue to suffer.

But in Florida, things could not be more different, and a bombshell report just proved how Florida is crushing every other state in this key area.

Liberal utopias are in a state of chaos

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s inability to govern and manage his own state has led to chaos and lawlessness.

Leftist hellholes, like California, are ridden with violence and crime.

People are fleeing California every single day looking for a safe place to live and raise their families.

And it is not just California residents who are suffering.

So-called “criminal justice reform” policies in leftist bastions, like Oregon, have given criminals free rein to do whatever they want, while leaving residents vulnerable to attack.

In 2021, Oregon prided themselves in being the first state to decriminalize small possession of harder drugs like heroin and cocaine.

As a result, Oregon residents suffered while drug dealers thrived.

Florida actually protects their people

But while the criminals and thugs flourish in liberal utopias, they have met their match in Florida.

Since the beginning of his term, DeSantis has been clear he will do whatever it takes to protect Florida residents.

His no-nonsense and consistent approach to dealing with those who break the law has deterred those seeking to cause harm to pack up shop and go somewhere else.

From stopping the inflow of illegal Haitians to backing tougher penalties for criminals, DeSantis runs a tight ship and promotes the rule of law.

In addition to being tough on crime, DeSantis backs law enforcement agencies and gives them the support they need to do their jobs.

The bombshell report that tells all

The Florida Sheriffs Association partnered with the Florida Chamber of Commerce to release the Stronger Safer Cities report which compares the effectiveness of Florida to the continued chaos in leftist strongholds.

“Tragically, in many states and cities around our nation, leaders have made policy decisions that drove their communities off the path of economic prosperity and security into crime-ridden despair and ruin,” the Stronger Safer Cities report stated.

“Once thriving cities have been forced off the path of success by damaging and ill-informed decisions to decriminalize crime, defund police, refuse prosecution, not hold juveniles accountable, and undermine support for law enforcement. As we try to grow to a top ten global economy by 2030 and as the nation focuses on crime in their communities, Florida is getting it right,” the report continued.

While California essentially decriminalized shoplifting, Florida increased the penalties.

Porch pirates in Florida who steal a package worth more than $40 now face a third-degree felony.

And when New York City made the decision to slash its police budget by a whopping $1 billion, they paid the price and saw a more than 30 percent increase in overall crime, the report said.

Yet again, Florida did the exact opposite and passed legislation to protect police officers while increasing funding for law enforcement.

This bombshell report reveals that DeSantis’ policies work, and Florida is on its way to reach its goal of becoming a top ten global economy by 2030.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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