Disney made this big announcement about its plans in Florida that no one saw coming

Apr 9, 2024

Disney and Ron DeSantis have been locked in a heated feud.

But now the relationship between the bitter rivals could be changing.

And Disney made this big announcement about its plans in Florida that no one saw coming.

Disney decided to pick a fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his common-sense parental rights bill that outlawed teaching K-3 students about radical gender ideologies and sexual orientation in the classroom.

That fight turned nasty when Florida stripped Disney of its special privileges provided by the state.

DeSantis and the Florida Legislature removed the special governing status granted to the Disney World Resort in Central Florida.

That resulted in a protracted legal battle between Disney and Florida, which ended in an out-of-court settlement that allowed the new governing board appointed by DeSantis to stand.

During the height of the battle between Disney and DeSantis, the media speculated that the company could relocate its resort to another state.

Establishment Republicans, Democrats, and the media scolded the Florida Governor for squaring off with one of the largest private employers in the state.

But once again, DeSantis’ critics have egg on their faces after the latest announcement from Disney.

Disney announces massive expansion in Florida

Just days after settling its court case with DeSantis, Walt Disney World is moving forward with one of the largest expansions in the history of the Magic Kingdom theme park.

“It’s probably the largest expansion ever at Magic Kingdom,” Walt Disney World site portfolio executive Michael Hundgen said.

The theme park is going to be expanding by about 14 acres, but the final details are still being worked out.

DeSantis takes victory laps over Disney announcement

DeSantis reacted to the Disney announcement on social media by noting, “Not quite what the media/left/corporate GOP were predicting last year.”

Disney is lagging behind its Central Florida theme park rival, Universal.

After settling the lawsuit with Disney, DeSantis was ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work with the woke entertainment giant for the benefit of Florida.

The Florida Governor pointed out that Universal was building a third theme park in the Central Florida area, Epic Universal.

“It’s just gonna be a huge game changer,” DeSantis said. “It’s bigger than [Universal’s] other two parks combined. I’ve got to think that Disney would want to answer that [to] keep up with the competition.”

“I’ve got to think Disney would have an interest in maybe offering another one,” DeSantis added. “The district will be ready to negotiate something.”

Now Disney is prepared to try and keep pace with its competitor.

Ron DeSantis delivered a win for Florida taxpayers and the state’s economy by not backing down in his fight with Disney.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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