Florida’s days as a swing state could be over after this stunning announcement

Mar 11, 2024

Florida has long been regarded as one of the most pivotal states in Presidential Elections.

Hotly contested races in the Sunshine State usually decided who was in the White House.

But Florida’s days as a swing state could be over after this stunning announcement.

Florida’s days as the country’s biggest swing state and a political bellwether could be ending.

The Sunshine State voted for the winner of 13 of the last 15 Presidential Elections dating back to 1964.

The Republican trend that began under Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is showing no signs of slowing down.

Florida trending more Republican under DeSantis

When Ron DeSantis first ran for Governor in the fall of 2018, Democrats had a nearly 300,000-person advantage over Republicans in registered voters by party.

Democrats had an advantage over Republicans in the number of registered voters in the state since the end of the Civil War.

In November 2021, Republicans surpassed Democrats in number of registered voters for the first time in Florida’s history.

The GOP’s advantage has only grown since then.

DeSantis won a landslide victory of nearly 20 points in his 2022 re-election race and Florida Republicans swept to victory up and down the ticket.

For the first time in the state’s modern history, no Democrats were holding statewide elected office after that election.

Florida Republicans head into General Election with a growing voter advantage

The registered voter advantage for Republicans continues to grow in Florida heading into the November election.

Florida’s Voice reported that the GOP has an 854,318-person advantage in registered voters over Democrats as of early March.

At the end of 2023, that Republican advantage was less than 800,000 voters.

The steady trend of Republicans increasing their numbers shows no signs of slowing down.

Newly elected Republican Party of Florida Chairman Evan Power celebrated the news.

“Our grassroots are keeping the pedal to the metal by registering more voters every day,” Power said. “Floridians continue to reject the radical Left’s agenda and are helping us make Florida a more Republican state.”

When former President Donald Trump carried Florida by roughly 3.5% in the 2020 Election, Democrats had a voter registration advantage of nearly 100,000.

Trump and Florida Republicans have the wind at their back heading into the 2024 Election with a nearly one-million-person registered voter advantage over Democrats.

Even Democrats are concluding that their days of competing in the state could be coming to a close.

President Joe Biden isn’t expected to seriously contest Florida this fall according to reports.

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