Casey DeSantis’ latest video of true economic success left liberals speechless

Apr 9, 2024

The radical Left wants people to be dependent on the government for life.

Liberals love buying votes with other people’s money to fund wasteful government programs.

But Casey DeSantis’ latest video on how to achieve true economic success left liberals speechless.

Breaking the cycle of poverty

Leftist policies have kept generations of families trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Instead of “teaching a man to fish,” bureaucrats have trained people to believe they will not be successful without government intervention.

Of course, the government does not have resources to fund all the “free money” programs they promise people, so American taxpayers continue to experience economic turmoil in their own homes as they fund the latest pet project of the radical Left.

But Casey DeSantis has a better way to help people achieve economic success.

And her latest video is filled with story after story of people who followed Casey’s plan to achieve true economic liberty.

Hope for the first time

In 2022, Casey launched Hope Florida to help Floridians in need.

Hope Florida says their goal is to “foster community collaboration between the public and private sector, faith-based communities, and nonprofits, to break down traditional community silos”, which direct resources to help people in need.

“Through Hope Florida, we are showing what is possible when business and nonprofit leaders collaborate to help individuals unlock their God-given potential,” Casey DeSantis said.

“Since its inception, nearly 20,000 Floridians have been helped off of public assistance programs and on a path to prosperity,” she continued.

But Casey does not just want you to take her word for it.

In a video titled “Success in Hope”, families shared firsthand how the program has changed their lives.

“In 2021, I actually had just got out of jail, I’m not even going to lie – and I was doing really bad. I was homeless, literally living on the streets, bouncing from hotel to hotel,” Justin said.

“She got me a full scholarship,” Justin continued.

Not only did Justin get a scholarship to learn how to be a residential maintenance technician – but he was offered an apprentice program starting off at $24-$25 per hour.

Another mom named Celia shared her struggles with trying to go to school and raise three kids, with increased costs making it difficult to pay her rent.

Celia wanted to give up and drop out, but then, after talking with a caseworker from Hope Florida, she stayed the course.

Hope Florida helped provide financial resources to help with initial daycare costs so Celia could finish school.

Upon graduating from college, Celia now has a full-time job, and credits Hope Florida for helping her during a difficult moment in her life.

The Left cannot stand it

While the government works overtime to keep people trapped in a cycle of poverty, programs like Hope Florida set them free.

Liberals cannot stand to see success stories from people who are no longer beholden to them.

True economic success comes when people are empowered to work hard and achieve the American dream.

Please check out the Success in Hope stories video below to see how this program is truly saving lives.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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