A shocking new poll just revealed the Left made a huge mistake by attacking Ron DeSantis over this one issue

Mar 25, 2022

The Left will do anything to take down Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

But this time they went too far.

And a shocking new poll just revealed the Left made a huge mistake by attacking Ron DeSantis over this one issue.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the most popular Republican elected official in America.

If Donald Trump decides not to run for re-election again in 2024, polls show DeSantis would be the clear front-runner to win the GOP nomination.

But before he can think about potentially running for President, Ron DeSantis must first get re-elected to a second term as Governor in November.

Former Governor Charlie Crist and Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried are the top two Democrats seeking the opportunity to take on DeSantis this fall.

Right now, Charlie Crist is leading Nikki Fried by nearly 10 points.

But the Democrats are facing an uphill battle in November, with polls showing DeSantis leading both potential opponents by 9 to 13 points in a hypothetical matchup.

The Left recently launched an organized attack against Ron DeSantis over the misnamed “Don’t Say Gay” bill the Republican-led State Legislature recently sent to the Governor’s desk for his promised signature.

The legislation simply prohibits the teaching of gender and sexuality to children in kindergarten through third grade.

Even though the bill doesn’t even mention the word “gay” or “homosexual,” the Democrats claimed it was a “hateful” attack against the LGBT community.

Everyone on the Left from the Biden administration to Members of Congress joined in on viciously attacking Ron DeSantis over the legislation.

Disney’s CEO even attempted to pressure DeSantis to drop his support for the law.

But a new poll of Democrat voters shows the Left made a huge mistake in attacking Ron DeSantis over parental rights in education.

The poll, conducted by Alvarado Strategies, asked Democrat voters whether or not they believed children in kindergarten through third grade should be taught about sexual orientation in class by teachers.

52 percent of respondents said gender and sexuality should not be taught to young children in school.

This isn’t the only poll that found Democrat voters agreeing with DeSantis.

The Daily Wire recently conducted a poll that showed 62 percent of Democrats across the country agreed with the language of the bill.

Democrats thought they had finally found a way to take down Ron DeSantis.

But once again, their attacks will only make Ron DeSantis even more popular with voters in both parties, as most Americans are fed up with the Left’s identity politics.

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