A top Democrat got smacked with a reality check about Ron DeSantis that spells doom in 2024

Jul 12, 2022

Democrats are beginning to come around to the fact Joe Biden will likely not run for re-election two years from now.

Biden passing on seeking a second term will create a mad scramble in the Democrat Party.

And this top Democrat got smacked with a reality check about Ron DeSantis that spells doom in 2024.

California Governor Gavin Newsom inserted himself into the 2024 conversation by running a TV commercial in Florida claiming freedom was under attack thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis’ agenda.

Newsom claimed that because DeSantis sought to protect life, keep businesses open during COVID, and stop teachers from grooming young students into transgenderism Floridians lost their freedom.

In an appearance on Fox News, commentator Dave Rubin mocked Newsom’s ad as something out of 1984.

Rubin explained that he left California to move to Florida out of frustration with Newsom’s tyrannical COVID mandates and rampant crime.

“You know the book 1984, George Orwell’s dystopian future, Newspeak, that words will basically have no meaning. Everything will be opposite of reality. The idea that Democrats, but particularly Gavin Newsom, are talking about freedom and liberty. I fled California about seven months ago because of all the reasons that we’ve just discussed. I now live in free Florida, which is flourishing. Absolutely flourishing,” Rubin stated.

Rubin then noted that for the first time in history, California lost a Congressional seat due to population loss, while Florida set a record in 2021 for the most visitors to the state.

Rubin also told Fox viewers that Newsom’s commercial was a clear sign Democrats are done with Joe Biden and this was the first campaign ad of the 2024 Democrat Presidential Primary.

“Florida is actually blowing up in a good sense, in a metaphorical sense, while California is imploding in a literal sense. I mean, just go wander around the streets of San Francisco or Los Angeles or anywhere else. He’s trolling Ron DeSantis, but I don’t think Ron DeSantis will fall for it. But what Gavin Newsom really is doing here is progressive politics 101. You become the mayor of San Francisco, which is what he was. He destroyed that city. But you fail up in progressive politics. So then he became the governor of California. He’s failing up. And this is clearly all his move to run for president in 2024, because the Democrats are done with Biden and they will have to go with someone more radical, because that’s the direction of the party,” Rubin added.

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