Ashley Moody just hit New York City Mayor Eric Adams with a brutal reminder about the border crisis

Feb 29, 2024

Polls show illegal immigration is now the top issue for voters.

Even some Democrats are now calling for Biden to secure the border.

And Ashley Moody just hit New York City Mayor Eric Adams with a brutal reminder about the border crisis.

Biden’s Border Crisis

Joe Biden made opening the southern border a top priority of his administration on his first day in office.

Biden reversed Donald Trump’s successful border security policies and returned to the dangerous policy of catch and release.

As a result, more than 7.5 million illegal aliens have entered the country since Biden took office in January of 2021.

Despite record numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country, Joe Biden has refused to lift a finger to secure the border.

And with polls showing illegal immigration is now the top issue for voters in November, Joe Biden is suddenly pretending to care about solving the border crisis he created.

But it is not just Joe Biden who is starting to sing a different tune on the issue of illegal immigration.

Democrat officials in places like Chicago and New York City are also starting to speak out about securing the border.

It has gotten so bad that Democrat Mayor Eric Adams is now calling on local lawmakers to change the sanctuary city law.

Sanctuary Cities

For the past several years, Democrats in New York City welcomed illegal aliens to the sanctuary city with open arms while smearing proponents of a secure border as racists.

But New York City is facing a crisis from the influx of illegal immigrants into the city because of Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

“But those small numbers that are committing crimes?” Adams began. “We need to modify the sanctuary city law, so that if you commit a felony, we should be able to turn you over to ICE and have you deported.” 

“It is a right to live in this city, and you should not be committing crimes in our city,” he added.

Welcome to Reality

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is leading multiple efforts at the state level to fight back against Biden’s border crisis.

In a post last September on social media, Moody tried to warn Adams that “Biden is litigating to make the illegal immigration crisis even worse.”

And now that Adams is calling for a change in his city’s sanctuary status, Moody just took a moment to welcome him back to reality.

“When it’s convenient for them and when they are far-removed from the border crisis’s impact, radical leaders like NYC Mayor Adams are for sanctuary cities,” Moody wrote on X. “BUT, when stuff hits the fan, suddenly they’re for changing the rules of sanctuary cities.”

“Welcome to reality, Mayor,” she continued. “We’ve all been dealing with this crisis since the @JoeBiden administration took over the border.”

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