Ron DeSantis demolished the Republican establishment with this epic truth bomb

Feb 9, 2024

The Republican establishment teams up with Democrats to sell out the country in Washington, D.C.’s “Swamp.”

These constant betrayals are getting magnified with Joe Biden in the White House. 

And Ron DeSantis demolished the Republican establishment with this epic truth bomb.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took off the gloves during a press conference after the latest round of failures by the Republican establishment in Washington, D.C.

House Republicans failed to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for his role in the border crisis, after three RINOs voted against it.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and RINOs in the Senate tried to push a phony border security bill that did nothing to secure the border in exchange for securing more funding for McConnell’s top priority, Ukraine.

DeSantis said that the phony border security bill would make the crisis at the southern border worse.

“[Republicans] have given Biden an opportunity to say, ‘Hey, [I] wanted to do something, and these Republicans stopped it,’” DeSantis said about the phony border security bill. 

Conservatives hoped that the House under GOP control could use the power of the purse to force President Joe Biden to the negotiating table but leadership has folded every time.

“So it’s kind of like Lucy with the football,” DeSantis explained. “We always expect these guys to actually get something done and they never do. Look at the House. I mean, we added four Republicans just from Florida in the 2022 election. Have they done anything to stop any of the problems with this government using the power of the purse? No, they haven’t done anything.”

The Florida governor turned his attention to the Republican National Committee, (RNC), which is in turmoil under chairwoman Rona McDaniel. Two main causes of this committee falling downhill are poor fundraising and a string of election defeats.

“You look at the Republican National Committee; it’s almost bankrupt,” DeSantis said. “The chairman’s going to likely quit. These guys are like the Keystone Cops, and I just think a lot of voters are really getting sick of it. I see a lot of failure theater, I see a lot of virtue signaling, but I don’t see a lot of actual results.”

He contrasted that with his record of bold conservative leadership in Florida.

“And I think Florida, we’re much different than that because we believe in speaking softly and let our actions speak louder than our words,” DeSantis said. “And so yes, we go out, we make the case, we’ll lay down the marker, but that’s always followed with action and actually producing results. And that’s what this is all about. And I look at the failures that happen in Washington over and over again and you just think about it and you just shake your head. So, all I can say is, I’m glad we’re hunkered down here in Florida because we’ll make sure we get it done.”

Florida under Ron DeSantis has become the blueprint for successful conservative leadership.

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