Ron DeSantis dropped one fact about Florida that made Gavin Newsom run and hide

Apr 1, 2024

Florida has set the example of good governance for the rest of the country under Ron DeSantis.

One remarkable run of success for the Sunshine State is putting California to shame.

And Ron DeSantis dropped one fact about Florida that made Gavin Newsom run and hide.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is presiding over a massive economic boom for the Sunshine State.

And his decision to keep the state open during the pandemic is still paying off in spades.

The February jobs report for Florida found that the state had a lower unemployment rate than the national average for the 40th consecutive month.

While the national unemployment rate ticked up to 3.8% in February, Florida’s held steady and “outperforms” the national rate by .8%.

Florida’s private sector job growth rate grew by 2.3%, while the national average was only 1.6%.

That is why DeSantis took a victory lap after his state outpaced the nation in economic performance.

“Florida continues to outperform the nation,” DeSantis said. “We have proven that bold, conservative leadership across the board produces booming economic results—more jobs, lower taxes, less regulation, and fiscal security.”

Florida Secretary of Commerce J. Alex Kelly credited DeSantis for the state’s impressive economic performance.

“Under Governor DeSantis’ leadership, Florida continues to provide an economy for our residents that is primed for opportunity and secure for future growth,” Kelly said. “Florida’s strong talent pipeline and skilled workforce are the building blocks of Florida’s economic growth and stability. February’s economic data is more absolute evidence that Florida is on the right path.”

California leads the nation in unemployment

The economic news coming out of California is the opposite of Florida.

California now has the highest unemployment rate in the country, at 5.3% last month, according to data from the state’s Employment Development Department.

And the state lost more than 2.7 million jobs during the pandemic after California Governor Gavin Newsom instituted some of the strictest lockdown orders in the nation.

The Golden State’s economy is still sputtering from the damage caused by Newsom’s disastrous pandemic policies.

Now California is facing a staggering $73 billion budget deficit because of its sluggish economy.

California Assembly Minority Leader James Gallagher (R) told Fox Business that Newsom’s failed policies were responsible for the Golden State’s economic woes.

“Who would have guessed that high taxes, expensive energy, and rampant crime are bad for the economy? California workers are dealing with the consequences of Newsom’s far-left agenda,” Gallagher said. “If Democrats don’t stop punishing job creators and rewarding criminals, things are only going to get worse.”

Florida has become the blueprint for success for the rest of the country.

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