Ron DeSantis threw down an ultimatum that showed Democrats he means business

Aug 19, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t pull any punches fighting the Left.

He put them on notice with his latest move.

And Ron DeSantis threw down an ultimatum that showed Democrats he means business.

The radical Left is trying to inject wokeness into every aspect of society.

Radical ideologies like transgenderism are creeping into virtually every institution in the country.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is leading the charge to push back against the woke mob’s demands.

He scored one of the biggest conservative victories in recent memory with his parental rights bill that outlawed teaching grades K-3 about adult concepts of gender theory, homosexuality, and transgenderism.

The corporate-controlled media and woke corporations like Disney threw everything they had at him to stop the bill but he didn’t back down.

He proved that he’s a no-holds-barred fighter against the woke mob with the bill.

Education has turned into the biggest battleground against wokeness as the Left targets children with their radical ideologies like Critical Race Theory and trans insanity.

During remarks about Florida’s educational system Ron DeSantis put the woke mob on notice saying that Florida is where woke goes to die.

“Obviously in the classroom we’ve battled a lot of ideologies,” DeSantis said. “What I’ve said is the state of Florida is the place where woke goes to die.”

“We are not going to let this state descend into some type of woke dumpster fire,” DeSantis continued.

We’re going to be following common sense, we’re going to be following facts.”

DeSantis’s bold statement came during a press conference about teacher recruitment in Florida.

Florida, like many other states around the country, is facing a shortage of teachers.

To fill the void the state is turning to military veterans giving them five-year temporary teaching certificates while they finish their bachelor’s degree.

DeSantis said that veterans bring a unique experience to the classroom despite not having a degree.

“Every morning our students recite the Pledge of Allegiance while looking at the star-spangled banner,” DeSantis said. “And it’s fitting that the teacher in the classroom is somebody who took an oath and put his or her life on the line to preserve, protect and defend our flag and the freedom it represents.”

DeSantis criticized colleges’ education of teachers saying it’s “not up to snuff” and that education schools are “magnets for ideology” instead of basic learning.

“Our mantra has been, in our schools, to educate kids, not indoctrinate kids,” DeSantis said. “Hopefully what we’re doing is saying that teaching is not about learning ‘education in college or university,’ it’s really about having proficiency in subjects, then learning on the ground about how to do it.”

Ron DeSantis is giving Republicans the blueprint to take back schools from the clutches of the woke mob.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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