Ron DeSantis was floored when Democrats accused him of doing this to black bears

Mar 15, 2024

Democrats and the left-wing media have made a lot of outrageous accusations against Ron DeSantis over the past few years.

They have accused him of everything from racism to sexism to trying to murder people with his pro-freedom pandemic policies.

But Ron DeSantis was floored when Democrats accused him of doing this to black bears.

Legislative Session Wraps Up Friday

It has been a busy week for lawmakers in Tallahassee.

With the session ending on Friday, time is running out to pass legislation before the chamber adjourns.

Republicans hold a supermajority in the State Legislature and have already sent a number of bills to DeSantis’ desk.

On Wednesday, lawmakers sent a message to the global elites that their lab-grown fake meat was not welcome in the Sunshine State.

SB 1084 prohibits and creates penalties for the manufacturing, sale, or distribution of cultivated meat in the state.

Republicans passed a bill to protect law enforcement officers from the fentanyl poisoning taking place across the country because of Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

SB 718 ensures that individuals who put first responders lives at risk with exposure to fentanyl are held accountable by making it a second-degree felony.

Another bill was passed that protects first responders from being harassed and obstructed in their work as officers of the law.

“The bill makes it a first-degree misdemeanor for any bystander, after receiving a warning, to not provide at least 14 feet of space between themselves and the first responders,” Florida’s Voice reported.

Lawmakers also passed legislation dealing with the rise in crime taking place across the country under Joe Biden’s Presidency.

The legislation cracks down on retail theft and “porch pirates.”

According to an announcement, the bill “creates aggregated theft thresholds, including petite theft of stolen property valued at less than $40, resulting in first-degree felony charges with enhanced penalties for prior convictions and grand theft of the second-degree for property stolen during a riot or state of emergency.”

The Right to Self Defense Extends to Bears

But on Thursday, Republicans sent a bill to the Governor’s desk that led to a new accusation against DeSantis by Democrats.

The bill allows individuals to use lethal force against a black bear without obtaining a permit or authorization if they are on private property and feel threatened by the animal.

The threat of death or serious bodily injury applies to humans, pets, and dwellings.

Of course, left-wing Democrats in the legislature erupted into a frenzy over the thought of someone killing a bear to protect themselves, another human, or their pet animal. 

Democrat Katherine Waldron accused DeSantis of “enabling the mass murder of bears” if he signed the bill into law.

“I’m not in favor of enabling the mass murder of bears,” Waldron said. “This bill is based on fear and not facts,” she continued. “Make no mistake, this bill was created by and for people looking for any excuse to be able to hunt and kill a bear.”

Bears are a real problem in areas where they coexist with people.

But Democrats apparently care more about protecting a bear than saving a human life.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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