Ron DeSantis was furious over the three words Joe Biden used to describe him at the Gridiron Club Dinner

Mar 22, 2024

Joe Biden spent Saturday evening roasting Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis in front of a room full of journalists in Washington, D.C.

It was all part of the Gridiron Club’s annual dinner.

But Ron DeSantis was furious over the three words Joe Biden used to describe him at the Gridiron Club Dinner.

Joe Biden attends roast dinner

The Gridiron Club is an organization of journalists who are mostly based in Washington, D.C.

Since its founding in 1885, almost every President has attended at least one of the group’s annual dinners, which are usually full of laughter and comedy.

On Saturday, Joe Biden attended the Gridiron Club Dinner and used the occasion to make jokes about himself and some of his Republican enemies.

“One candidate is too old, mentally unfit to be president,” Biden said during his 10-minute remarks. “The other’s me.”

Biden tried to use jokes to ease concerns about his age and declining mental faculties.

“Even the press has to admit, I crushed it,” Biden said in reference to his State of the Union Address. “The expectations were so low, I just had to show up and remember who the President is.” 

Biden mocked the GOP and told the audience that “the Republicans would rather fail at impeachment than succeed at anything else.”

“Republicans were going to do a skit tonight,” Biden said. “But they couldn’t get a speaker.” 

Biden attempted to add a serious tone to some parts of his remarks, particularly when trying to make the false claim that Donald Trump and his supporters are a threat to democracy.

“Look, I wish these were jokes, but they’re not,” Biden said. “We live in an unprecedented moment of democracy — an unprecedented moment in history,” he continued. “Democracy and freedom are literally under attack.” 

“Putin’s on the march in Europe,” Biden ranted. “My predecessor bows down to him and says, ‘Do whatever the hell you want.’”

But Donald Trump was not the only Republican who Joe Biden made fun of by name.

Biden: “the little guy” DeSantis

He made fun of Ron DeSantis for his short height.

“We’re committed to helping the little guy, Ron DeSantis, but he won’t take our calls,” Biden said.

During the GOP Primary, Ron DeSantis faced accusations of wearing high heeled boots to look taller.

Ron DeSantis cannot do anything about his height. 

Height is not something like weight where exercise and a proper diet will take fat off anyone who sticks to it for a few months.

And Joe Biden showed how ruthless Democrats truly are by going after DeSantis over his height.

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