Ron DeSantis was stunned when this common-sense bill caused a woke meltdown

Jan 18, 2024

Ron DeSantis declared that Florida is where woke goes to die.

The Left is not giving up on trying to push this divisive ideology.

And Ron DeSantis was stunned when this common-sense bill caused a woke meltdown.

For centuries, the definition of a man and a woman was common sense.

But common sense is not so common for the woke outrage mob.

Radical gender ideology pushed by the Left has turned the definition of a woman upside down.

Republican State Representative Dean Black introduced a common-sense bill in the Florida Legislature to give a formal definition to “man” and “woman” under state law.

His bill, HB 1233, is titled the What is a Woman Act.

The What is a Woman Act replaces the term “gender” in state law with “sex,” which would ensure the state would only recognize the biological sex a person has on their birth certificate. 

Black said in an interview with Florida’s Voice that he got “death threats” after he introduced the bill.

“Every time we try to have a civil debate with the supposed tolerant Left, it ends up with them trying to cancel people and then it becomes hysterical,” Black said.

Black said he is not “intimidated by loons” and won’t back down from his conservative principles. 

“Let’s face it, we don’t want someone to be able to go in and change their sex on their driver’s license,” Black said. “If you’re a man, you should be a man on your driver’s license.”

A Floridian who lies about their biological sex would see their driver’s license or state identification revoked under the bill. 

Many states have allowed residents to change the sex on their driver’s license to what gender they identify as currently.

President Joe Biden allowed Americans to choose a third gender “X” on official government passports along with letting people choose the gender they identify as.

“That should not be part of politics in this country,” Black told Florida’s Voice. “That’s not how this works and that’s not who we are. We should be able to have plain-spoken conversations about matters of policy, especially something that’s so basic as what is a man and what is a woman.”

Black’s bill would also require that health insurance charge a fee for gender reassignment surgery instead of passing the cost on to everyone.

“I’m proud to have started a conversation, so we can start moving the ball down the field and start bringing some clarity to the confusion,” Black said.

Florida’s legislature will have another chance to notch a victory of wokeness with the What is a Woman Act.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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