This Florida man never expected to be attacked and shot over missing sauce from a McDonald’s order

Apr 26, 2024

There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling away from a fast food restaurant and realizing that something is missing.

Most folks simply go back and retrieve the items.

But this Florida man never expected to be attacked and shot over missing sauce from a McDonald’s order.

Dipping sauces and condiments are important when it comes to fast food.

Like most fast food restaurants, McDonald’s offers a wide variety of sauces for its customers to enjoy.

Last week, 48-year-old Wesley Lee Bullock left the drive through at McDonald’s only to discover that the employee forgot to include the sauce with his order.

Bullock went back to the pickup area on foot and started “screaming” and cursing at an employee about not receiving any sauce.

The out-of-control screaming made 19-year-old customer Justin Garlitis concerned about the employee’s safety.

Garlitis got out of his vehicle, approached Bullock, and politely asked him to calm down.

Instead of calming down, Bullock grabbed Garlitis by the throat and started punching him.

A McDonald’s employee eventually broke up the brawl that occurred between the two, and both men got into their vehicles and drove away.

But Bullock was still furious and followed Garlitis to a nearby Speedway gas station.

Bullock cut him off with his car, jumped out of his vehicle, and pointed a firearm directly at Garlitis’ forehead.

He pulled the trigger, but fortunately the gun did not fire.

Bullock then hit the man in the head with the gun and caused a deep gash.

Fearing for his life, Garlitis decided he had no choice but to fight for control of the gun.

“The fight over control of the gun revealed an injury on the victim’s hand, which was caused by Bullock allegedly biting his finger,” Fox35 reported. “Bullock is also accused of firing a shot, causing a bullet to strike the man’s pinky finger.” 

Garlitis took the firearm from Bullock and left the gas station with the gun in his car while calling the police.

The Zephyrhills Police Department released a report following the incident:

“The altercation began when Bullock engaged in a confrontation with McDonald’s staff while in the drive-thru lane. The victim, a patron, attempted to intervene. A physical confrontation ensued between Bullock and the victim, who were then separated by McDonald’s staff.

Following the initial altercation, Bullock and the victim entered their vehicles and departed the McDonald’s parking lot. Bullock proceeded to follow the victim’s vehicle and continued the physical altercation inside the victim’s vehicle. During the altercation, Bullock brandished a firearm. The victim and Bullock struggled over the firearm, resulting in the victim sustaining a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, as well as other injuries.”

Bullock was charged with armed burglary with battery, as well as aggravated assault with a firearm, and remains in the Pasco County Jail on a $400,000 bond.

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