A Florida homeowner invited a stranger into his home for a beer but got more than he bargained for

May 22, 2024

A homeowner invited a complete stranger into his home for beer.

What could go wrong, right?

And this Florida homeowner got a major wakeup call when his southern hospitality left him with more than he bargained for.

He just wanted a cold one

A Florida homeowner had the surprise of his life when he had an encounter with a complete stranger. 

Bruce Hudson, 38-years-old, was walking through one Florida neighborhood and approached the homeowner claiming he was “thirsty”.

The homeowner had compassion and invited Hudson in for a glass of water.

But once inside, the man insisted he wanted a beer instead, reported Fox 35 Orlando.

And while this should have been the first clue Hudson was a bit brazen, the homeowner obliged and went into the kitchen to get a beer.

But when he returned, he was shocked to find Hudson on a rampage.

Destroyed with a mallet-style hammer

Hudson took full advantage of the homeowner fumbling for a beer in the kitchen, and decided to go on a treasure hunt around the home.

He began rummaging around the bedroom of the homeowner and when caught had a violent reaction.

Hudson socked the homeowner in the face and then took a mallet-style hammer ripping holes in the walls and shattering a glass table, Fox 35 Orlando reported.

What a lunatic!

But again, inviting a random stranger into your home (and leaving him alone) to grab him a beer is a disaster waiting to happen.

Caught red-handed with a bag full of loot

After Hudson’s violent outburst, he busted out the backdoor with all the items he stole including a passport, laptop, iPad, three watches, and a gold ring.

Police did end up catching Hudson, who continued his rampage claiming everything was the “fault” of the homeowner.

In an affidavit, the police officers were crystal clear Hudson was the one to blame.

The affidavit read “Even though the victim invited (Hudson) into the residence to give him a glass of water, he did not give (Hudson) permission to other parts of the residence to include his bedroom,” Fox 35 Orlando reported.

“Once the victim confronted (Hudson) in the bedroom and told him to stop and leave, he withdrew his consent to be within in the residence,” the officers continued in their affidavit. 

Things could have taken a violent turn, but thankfully the main damage was only to the property, and no one was seriously injured. 

While the homeowner was trying to be hospitable, he learned a valuable lesson that night, do not allow a random man into your home and leave him alone while fetching him a beer.

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