A man asked his noisy neighbor to be quiet but never expected to be greeted with a machete

May 9, 2024

Sometimes neighbors can be obnoxious or annoying.

But while normal neighbors work things out, things escalated in one Florida neighborhood.

And when one man asked his noisy neighbor to be quiet, he never expected to be greeted with a machete.

An insane Florida woman would not stop partying

Florida man Jamie Dos Santos was trying to get a good night’s sleep, but his noisy neighbors were keeping him awake.

Loud music and parties are common in many neighborhoods, but most people simply put in earplugs, or just suck it up.

But not Jamie.

He decided to confront his neighbors and ask them to be quiet.

And while most decent people would be mindful if they were disturbing their neighbors, Jamie’s wild partygoers did not want to be quiet.

Instead of apologizing or promising to keep it down, noisy neighbor Ruby threw beer bottles at Dos Santos for expecting her to be quiet.

But that was not even the worst part.

Attacked with a machete from a banana tree

Dos Santos claimed after he was soaked by beer from his angry neighbors, Ruby became more enraged.

She picked up an actual machete and chucked it directly at Dos Santos’ face.

Thankfully, he ducked.

Speaking about the near miss, Dos Santos said, “I don’t know where it came from, she was standing here arguing with me, she grabbed it from somewhere and just flung it, you know what I think it was, I think it was from the banana tree,” NBC2 reported.

What a lunatic!

It’s one thing to want to party and become irritated if a quiet neighbor wants you to go inside or keep it down.

But launching a machete at the complaining neighbor is absolutely nuts.

Even the police could not contain Ruby

The odd neighborhood fight continued with Ruby actually calling the police on herself.

What did she expect?

The police to take her side?

Sure enough when the police arrived, they arrested Ruby.

But she was not going easy.

Ruby resisted arrest to such a strong degree that sheriff deputies had to put her legs in shackles while they drove her to jail, ESPN Southwest Florida reported.

As for Dos Santos, he is happy to be alive but wants drunken Ruby far away from him.

“I don’t want her around no more, she’s dangerous and she can’t control her temper when she’s drinking… so I’m good with Ruby, she can stay up the street,” Dos Santos told NBC 2.

One thing is certain, Floridians take their partying quite seriously, even to the point they are willing to silence critics with a machete to keep the party going. 

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