A professor revealed this startling truth about Florida’s war on woke colleges

Feb 2, 2024

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is dismantling the left-wing indoctrination in higher education. 

Colleges are being forced to return their focus to education. 

And a professor revealed this startling truth about Florida’s war on woke colleges.

Florida sparked widespread outrage on the Left when the state removed sociology as a required course for students in the State University System.

The Florida Board of Governors approved replacing Principles of Sociology as a “core course option” with history for students.

College students could take a “factual history course that focuses on the forces that shaped America as part of their general education course requirements,” according to the Board.

Sociology has lost whatever educational value it once had after it was hijacked by far-left professors to promote political activism.

Social justice, critical theory, and other forms of left-wing activism came out of modern sociology. 

The left-wing American Sociological Association (ASA) had a meltdown after Florida put the course on the chopping block.

“This decision seems to be coming not from an informed perspective, but rather from a gross misunderstanding of sociology as an illegitimate discipline driven by ‘radical’ and ‘woke’ ideology,” ASA told Common Dreams.

The ASA added the move was a “failure of Florida’s commitment to providing high-quality civics education and workforce readiness.”

Forcing students to study woke nonsense like sociology has left college students less prepared than ever to enter the workforce.

Wayne State University sociology professor Jukka Savolainen revealed the truth about the left-wing drift in his discipline to Fox News Digital.

“I would say in the past 20 years … it’s become much more of an activist discipline,” Savolainen explained. “I think this sort of more radical activist, social justice-oriented, whatever that means, has slowly but surely taken over in a lot of areas, especially undergraduate education, and there’s a lot of good work being done by more science-minded sociologists.”

Savolainen, a more than 30-year veteran of higher education, said he understood why Florida made the decision.

“I merely understand it. I get it,” Savolainen said. 

He added that the distinction between political activism and legitimate academic study has been “purposefully blurred” in sociology.

Savolainen said that many sociology professors disagreed with Florida’s decision but understand that the discipline has lost its way.

“At the same time, there’s a lot of discontent among real-life sociologists who agree with this perspective,” Savolainen said. “They don’t generally agree with the decision to drop sociology, but they agree with the critical part that sociology has lost its way and become too much about social activism and ideology at the expense of scientific research, integrity, and academic integrity.”

The Wayne State professor wrote an editorial in the Wall Street Journal arguing that Florida’s decision to drop sociology should be a wake-up call to the profession.

He lamented that he saw sociology “morph from a scientific study of social reality into academic advocacy for left-wing causes.”

College students in Florida will be free from being forced to take a course in left-wing activism as part of their education.

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