Florida is shutting down wokeness at the source with this power move

Feb 13, 2024

Florida is waging a relentless war to rid the educational system of the woke mind virus.

Lawmakers are preparing to pull it out by the roots from schools.

Now Florida is shutting down wokeness at the source with this power move.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made it a top priority for his administration to rid government schools of woke indoctrination.

Republican State Senator Blaise Ingoglia, a top DeSantis ally in the Florida Legislature, introduced a bill to try and stop wokeness at its source in the classroom.

Senate Bill 1372 would ban teacher preparation courses from having a curriculum that includes “identity politics,” or teaches that America is inherently racist, sexist, and oppressive, among other woke educational agenda items.

A similar bill is making its way through the State House.

The bill eliminates these left-wing political items from initial teacher preparation, educator preparation institutes, and school leadership programs.

Courses for future teachers must give candidates the chance to “think critically, achieve mastery of academic content, learn instructional strategies, and demonstrate competence.”

“Some of these courses tell [future teachers] how to be social justice warriors in the classroom,” Ingoglia said in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Education. “It goes into political stuff on how they become activists in the classroom. It’s a lot of theory behind oppressor vs. oppressed, anti-racist ideals…it’s just littered throughout the courses.”

Ingoglia said that some of the courses being used to prepare teachers prioritize teaching them Critical Race Theory (CRT) over preparing them for the classroom.

Democrats and their media allies frequently claim that CRT is never taught and is an obscure legal theory.

During the debate on the bill, he produced a binder that included 90 examples of identity politics or CRT being included in the course materials for teacher preparation.

“We all sit back, and we wonder how do we get to this place where you had an uprising of people pushing back against some of these teachings in schools, and a lot of people saying it didn’t exist, but the course curriculum, the syllabus themselves, prove that it exists,” Ingoglia said.

DeSantis got a major win in last year’s legislative session when he signed into law a bill banning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives from Florida’s colleges and universities.

This January, the Florida Board of Governors issued a rule that banned state and federal funding from being used for DEI programs or activities.

This bill will be another step in ensuring that wokeness is stomped out of Florida’s educational system.

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