Leftists are losing their minds at a new proposed course for Florida kindergartners

Feb 13, 2024

The liberal elite thinks they own the educational system. 

But in Florida, conservatives are leading the charge to stop the indoctrination of kids.

And now leftists are losing their minds at a new proposed course for Florida kindergarteners. 

Florida students will learn the perils of communism

Leftists are working overtime to brainwash children to adopt a liberal utopia, and it is downright dangerous.

It is known Liberal educators take advantage of the young impressionable children and fill their minds with Leftist propaganda.

But if a new Republican proposal becomes law in Florida, children as young as 5 will learn the dangers of communism.

The bill would create a “History of Communism Task Force” within the Department of Education.

All task force members would be appointed by Governor DeSantis.

The new course would be age appropriate and teach a wide range of topics including the history of domestic and foreign communist movements, and the dangers of communism.

Florida Senator Jay Collins stressed the importance of teaching young kids about the problems communism has caused.

Speaking about the new course, Senator Collins said, “It focuses on the history of domestic communist movements, their tactics within the U.S. and abroad, the philosophy and lineage of communism, including Marxism, foreign communist movements of the 20th century and the Communist socioeconomic policies of Cuba, Venezuela, etc.,” reported Florida’s Voice News.

Leftists are having a meltdown

Of course, Leftists cannot stand to think an anti-communism course would make its way to young children in Florida schools.

Palm Beach State Representative Katherine Waldron said, “I’m all for kids learning about government and political systems. But I would be against this very specific terminology in training or in trying to educate them on this,” Florida Phoenix reported.

In other words, Democrats are too afraid to speak about the dangers of communism. 

Marilyn Mayo, a Senior Research Fellow with ADL’s Center on Extremism also blasted the course stating “Cultural Marxism’ is a term, typically used by right-wing ideologues, to attack an array of ideas and concepts they oppose, including multiculturalism, globalism, feminism, and LGBTQ rights, among others. The term often functions as an antisemitic dog whistle or codeword,” Florida Phoenix reported.

And that says it all!

Leftists cannot stand that conservatives could get a course approved that portrays an accurate account of history, not the fabricated and edited version liberals love to teach.

Changing the educational system

For far too long, woke leftists have had a field day ramming through their critical race theory propaganda and pro-LGBT ideology in America’s schools.

It is about time conservatives stand up and say enough is enough and restore the educational system to what it should be.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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