One bite of pizza and some ice cream led this Florida man to have a night he will never forget

May 22, 2024

Pizza is one of the most popular food items in America.

From gas stations to grocery stores to restaurants, you can find pizza for sale about anywhere these days.

But one bite of pizza and some ice cream led this Florida man to have a night he will never forget.

Patsy’s Pizzeria in New York City was the first place to allow people to order pizza by the slice in 1933.

Today, polls show pizza is the top-rated food in the United States, with 15% of Americans listing it as their go-to dish.

A stunning 93% of Americans have eaten pizza at least once within the past month.

Each year three billion pizzas are sold in the United States, which is roughly 46 slices per person.

Since pizza is so popular, gas stations are taking advantage of it by selling pizza by the slice.

According to its website, RaceTrac gas stations serve “high-quality pizza, baked fresh in-store” and customers can “grab a slice out of the hot case or from our grab-and-go bar.”

Of course, “grab-and-go” does not mean the pizza is free.

Customers are still expected to pay for it at the cash register.

62-year-old Ronald Broaddus was “tired” and “didn’t have the money” to pay for a slice of pizza at a RaceTrac in Flagler County, Florida.

But that did not stop Broaddus from helping himself to a bite of pizza and leaving the store without paying for it.

According to reports, the man helped himself to some pizza and ice cream and left without paying for them.

When confronted by an employee, Broaddus threw the two slices of buffalo chicken pizza and the frozen ice cream at them before leaving on his bicycle.

“I told him, ‘I’m calling the police.’ He proceeded (as I’m on the phone with dispatch) to throw away the pizza box and ice cream. He came back to his bike (as I’m still on the phone with dispatch) and said, ‘You better watch your back because I’m going to kick your a**,” the affidavit stated. “He then proceeded to step toward me with his bike in a hostile way. I stayed far enough back so he could not touch me. He then rode away.”

A deputy initiated a traffic stop and asked him about the pizza and ice cream.

“(Broaddus) then stated that he threw the pizza and ice cream away after the clerk threatened to call law enforcement,” the affidavit said.

The officer arrested Broaddus for petty theft and locked him up in the Flagler County Inmate Facility.

The items he stole only totaled $8.98 before tax.

But it landed Broaddus in the County Jail where he currently remains locked up on a $1,000 bond.

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