Parents in Tampa are fuming after a drag queen handed out inappropriate items to children at a parade

Apr 1, 2024

America is in the middle of a fierce culture war.

Innocent children have become the latest target of the woke Left.

And parents in Tampa are fuming after a drag queen handed out inappropriate items to children at a parade.

Governor Ron DeSantis spent the past three years fighting back against the Left’s woke agenda in Florida.

After he vowed to make Florida be where “woke goes to die,” DeSantis went on the offensive and removed Critical Race Theory from the curriculum, protected the integrity of women’s sports, and put an end to brainwashing young children with sexually inappropriate material.

DeSantis also tried to prevent drag dancers from performing in front of children, even revoking the Miami Hyatt Regency’s liquor license for allowing kids into a drag show.

The state legislature also passed a bill that penalizes businesses and individuals who admit children to “adult live performances.”

But despite these efforts, drag dancers continue to perform in front of young children in Florida.

Even though businesses will be penalized for admitting children to a drag show, it does not stop them from acting inappropriately around children at parades.

And that is exactly what happened at the recent Pride Parade in Tampa, Florida.

Tampa Pride held its annual parade over the weekend.

The parade is marketed as an “all ages family-friendly” event, but pictures and videos prove otherwise.

The popular account, LibsofTikTok, shared disgusting photos from the parade.

“This is from an ‘all ages family-friendly’ pride event in Tampa, FL yesterday,” LibsofTikTok wrote. “It featured p*nis pops, near naked adults performing for children, and s*xually explicit language.”

“These sick freaks are after your kids,” LibsofTikTok added.

The group Gays Against Groomers shared a video from the parade and demanded Democrat Mayor Jane Castor resign for allowing children to attend the event.

“Scenes from yesterday’s Pride in Tampa, FL,” they wrote on social media. “Does this look kid friendly to you? It might… if you’re a groomer. PRIDE IS NOT FOR KIDS! Shame on any parent who brought their children there.”

Parents and community members were outraged.

“Our community and parents need to do better, and we will keep sounding the alarm and showing up until they do,” Gays Against Groomers Founder Jaimee Michell told Florida’s Voice. “I am also calling on the mayor to resign in disgrace for not only allowing this to go on, but partaking in it as well.”

Gays Against Groomers Co-Chapter Leader Mercedes told reporters that “when you look around, there’s kink and there’s dildos,” before asking, “do you really want that stuff around your kids?”

The answer to that question is a resounding “no!”

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