Republicans in Florida just rejected the global elite’s push to force Americans to eat fake meat

Mar 12, 2024

The radical Left uses climate change as an excuse to try and gain more control over every aspect of the American people’s lives.

From the type of car you are allowed to drive, to what food you are allowed to eat, nothing is off the table for the Left.

But Republicans in Florida just rejected the global elite’s push to force Americans to eat fake meat.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the leading voices in the fight against the global elite’s push to impose tyranny on the American people under the guise of fighting so-called climate change.

Climate change is at the top of the global elite’s agenda

The World Economic Forum has been pushing the idea of a “Great Reset” that would allow governments across the world to combat the alleged climate crisis through socialist Green New Deal policies.

Of course, this would mean banning fossil fuels, destroying the American energy industry, raising taxes, and imposing a host of other tyrannical restrictions on the American people.

It could also mean the end of eating meat for Americans across the country, as leftists claim that methane gas released when cows flatulate is a top driver of climate change.

One “solution” offered by the Left is forcing Americans to eat bugs and lab-grown meat.

The global elites at the World Economic Forum have already discussed forcing people to eat bugs to cut meat consumption by 90 percent.

DeSantis previously slammed the “technocratic elites” as a massive “threat” to liberty in America.

Ban on Lab Grown Meat

And Republicans in Florida just moved one step closer to keeping the global elite’s from imposing tyranny in the Sunshine State.

A bill is on the way to DeSantis’ desk that would ban the sale of lab-grown meat in Florida and protect residents from Biden’s push to force Americans to drive electric vehicles.

“Collins’ legislation prohibits and creates penalties for the manufacturing, sale or distribution of cultivated meat in the state,” Florida’s Voice reported. “It would also preempt the regulation of electric vehicle charging stations to the state and prohibit local governments from implementing their own policies.”

During a press conference last month, DeSantis exposed lab-grown meat as a left-wing scheme to gain more control over the American people.

“I know the Legislature is doing a bill to try to protect our meat,” DeSantis said. “They really want to go after agriculture, how they do,” he continued. “They blame agriculture for global warming.”

“You need meat, OK?” DeSantis declared. “We’re gonna have meat in Florida.”

“We’re gonna have fake meat?” DeSantis asked. “That doesn’t work.” 

“We’re gonna make sure to do it right,” he concluded.

Based on his past statements, DeSantis is expected to sign the bill into law.

And that is one move that the global elites will not be happy to see.

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