Megyn Kelly demolished 60 Minutes for this hit job on a Florida mom fighting woke schools

Mar 12, 2024

The parental rights movement is gaining steam across the country.

Democrats dispatched their media allies to try and stop it dead in its tracks.

And Megyn Kelly demolished 60 Minutes for this hit job on a Florida mom fighting woke schools.

The pandemic exposed the rot in government schools after parents discovered what their kids were learning during virtual education. 

Marxist indoctrination like Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideologies was being injected into every subject, including math.

That was the genesis of the parental rights movement that led to the creation of Moms for Liberty by concerned Florida mothers. 

The group, an ally of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in fighting woke education, has been trying to remove sexually explicit LGBTQ books from classrooms and school libraries.

 60 Minutes uses deceptive editing in Moms for Liberty interview

Moms for Liberty co-founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich were interviewed by host Scott Pelley on CBS’s 60 Minutes.

Democrats and their media allies are trying to push a false narrative that parental rights groups and Republicans are on a book-banning spree.

Justice and Descovich said that the interview used deceptive editing to try and make them appear ignorant about educational issues.

The sexually explicit books they brought to the interview were not shown by CBS either due to editing decisions or fear of potential fines for showing explicit material on air.

Megyn Kelly drops the hammer on 60 Minutes

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly blasted 60 Minutes for the hit job against Moms for Liberty on her SiriusXM show.

“These are moms who got off the couch to be activists to help their kids have treated them like they were terrorists. The way you treated them was grossly dishonest and a journalistic disservice to your audience and to children,” Kelly said about Pelley.

Kelly said that CBS chose to ignore the real story, sexually explicit material in schools, to attack the group for book banning.

“This whole segment on CBS News was about book banning which is the wrong subject,” Kelly explained. “That’s not the right subject. The subject is what they’re doing to our minor children when we are not with them at the schools we pay for. Either with our tax dollars or with our tuition dollars. That’s the subject.”

Kelly held up an example of the explicit LGBTQ books that children are being exposed to in schools.

“Scott Pelley, he was provided books like this, he refused to put them on the air,” Kelly said. “Why? Because they’re too disgusting. They would probably get censored by the FCC. So, he chose instead to try to make Moms for Liberty look like a bunch of extremists who didn’t have the facts to back up their arguments about a really serious issue.”

She added that Pelley was “dishonest and disgusting” for the smear job he did on Moms for Liberty.

CBS is doing dirty work for the Left by trying to discredit parents concerned about what their kids are being exposed to in school.

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