Ron DeSantis just hit the Supreme Court Justices with one truth about the Constitution that will have Joe Biden fuming

Jan 30, 2024

The Supreme Court just handed Joe Biden a victory for his open borders agenda in a 5-4 decision.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett stabbed conservatives in the back and sided with Joe Biden.

And Ron DeSantis just hit the Supreme Court Justices with one truth about the Constitution that will have Joe Biden fuming.

Joe Biden unleashed an illegal immigration crisis that now threatens the safety and security of every man, woman, and child in America.

Record numbers of illegal aliens have been pouring across the border on Joe Biden’s watch.

A handful of Republican Governors are taking action to try and protect their state from Joe Biden’s border crisis.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been sending busloads of illegal aliens to Democrat-controlled cities for the past year.

Abbott also launched Operation Lone Star, which grants law enforcement officials in Texas and the National Guard to arrest and deport illegal aliens out of the state.

As part of Operation Lone Star, Abbott also installed floating barriers in the Rio Grande and set up roughly 30 miles of razor wire near the border.

But the Department of Homeland Security instructed Border Patrol agents to cut down the wire, which led to a lawsuit from the State of Texas.

The Supreme Court then sided with the Biden administration and ruled that Border Patrol agents have the authority to continue cutting down the razor wire.

But Greg Abbott is refusing to back down and vowed that “this fight is not over.”

And Republican Governors and officials from across the country are rallying behind Greg Abbott in his fight to secure the border.

Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin, Oklahoma’s Kevin Stitt, and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem have all publicly declared their support for using the National Guard to secure the border.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also took Abbott’s side in a video he posted on X where he gave the Justices a lesson on the Constitution.

“Biden is going after Texas, saying that they must remove fortifications from their border,” DeSantis said. “They’ve put wire, they’ve put things to keep people out,” he continued. “Biden is saying you’ve got to take that down to let people come in illegally, which is just crazy.”

DeSantis pointed out that the Founding Fathers would have never ratified the Constitution if it “was originally understood to mean that a state could not protect itself against an invasion, that the federal government could force a state to allow an invasion.”

He then cited Federalist Paper 46 where “James Madison talks about situations where federal encroachment can be mitigated by state action.”

“Texas is acting to enforce the laws on the books to ensure they have a secure state and we have a secure country,” DeSantis said, before adding that “all this is nonsense what Biden is doing.”

DeSantis posted the video on X where it has been viewed nearly two million times.

“Can the federal government defy the law and force a state to allow a foreign invasion,” DeSantis wrote above the video. “James Madison didn’t think so…”

In another post, DeSantis stated his support for Greg Abbott.

“If the Constitution really made states powerless to defend themselves against an invasion, it wouldn’t have been ratified in the first place and Texas would have never joined the union when it did,” he wrote. “TX is upholding the law while Biden is flouting it.”  

“FL will keep assisting Texas with personnel and assets,” he added.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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