Ron DeSantis just put Joe Biden on notice about protecting the integrity of women’s sports in Florida

Feb 16, 2024

Joe Biden and the Democrats are trying to force their woke version of reality on America.

This includes making the identity politics of the Left the rule of law.

And Ron DeSantis just put Joe Biden on notice about protecting the integrity of women’s sports in Florida.

The Left’s woke ideology has taken over virtually every aspect of American society.

From professional sports to the entertainment industry to the highest echelons of academia, nothing is off limits when it comes to the Left’s woke agenda.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis showed Republicans how to both fight and win against the Left’s woke ideology over the past few years.

DeSantis took a sledgehammer to the woke madness in the educational system when he signed the STOP Woke Act, which prevents teaching Marxist-based lessons like Critical Race Theory in government schools.

He also banned left-wing teachers from indoctrinating young children into the woke gender ideology.

But one of the most critical areas where DeSantis took on the woke Left, is protecting the integrity of women’s sports.

The radical Left is waging a war on sanity by attempting to force Americans to accept the lie that gender is determined by choice and not biology.

All across the nation, woke leftists are pushing to allow biological males to compete against and use the same locker rooms as women.

Biological males who claim to be women are allowed to compete against females in competitions like, powerlifting, where males clearly have a natural advantage in strength.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are now trying to make biological males competing against women the law of the land in America.

“The Biden administration will finalize its proposed updates to Title IX, the federal civil rights law prohibiting sex-based discrimination at federally funded schools, by March, nearly a year after the administration missed its first deadline,” The Hill reported. “The Education Department unveiled its initial proposal to strengthen protections for student survivors of sexual assault, as well as LGBTQ students, in July 2022, on the 50th anniversary of the landmark law,” The Hill continued. “The administration had originally intended to issue its final rule change by May of this year, but extended the deadline to October after receiving thousands of public comments.”

But Ron DeSantis just put Joe Biden on notice by saying, “in Florida, we will not abide by it.”

“The Biden administration is plunging ahead with a radical rewrite of Title IX, seeking to impose gender ideology on K through 12 schools all across the country,” DeSantis said in a video posted on X. “This will gut protections for girls and for women.”

“It will, for example, overrule rules that Florida has enacted that makes sure that our girls and women athletes are able to compete with fairness and integrity, and that you can inject males into those competitions,” he continued. “And that you can inject males into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.”

“They are trying to impose this under administrative rule,” DeSantis said. “They don’t have the authority to do it – and in Florida, we will not abide by it.”

Ron DeSantis may no longer be running for President, but he is certainly continuing his role as the leader of the conservative battle against the woke Left.

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