Ron DeSantis just sounded the alarm on a left-wing scam to snatch private property from the hands of law-abiding Americans

Apr 2, 2024

Private property rights are a critical component of any free and civil society.

But Democrats have been chipping away at the American people’s property rights for years.

And Ron DeSantis just sounded the alarm on a left-wing scam to snatch private property from the hands of law-abiding Americans.

America’s Founding Fathers understood the importance of private property rights in a free society.

Thomas Jefferson once said that “the true foundation of republican government is the equal right of every citizen in his person and property and in their management.”

George Washington believed that freedom could not exist in the absence of private property rights.

“Freedom and Property Rights are inseparable,” Washington said. “You can’t have one without the other.”

But private property rights have been under siege in America for the past several years.

Whether it is telling business owners they cannot allow customers to smoke inside or limiting the number of animals a hunter can kill on their own land, government bureaucrats at every level have been slowly chipping away at private property rights in America over the years.

But “squatting” is perhaps the most egregious violation of private property rights currently taking place today in America.

“A squatter is anyone who begins to inhabit a piece of property or land without the legal right to do so,” Anderson Legal Advisors wrote on its website. “In other words, they are not renting the property from the owner (where landlord-tenant law comes into play), and they do not have permission to use it.”

And thanks to Joe Biden’s open borders agenda, illegal aliens have now joined in on the squatting scam in America.

An illegal alien recently went viral on TikTok for a video where he encouraged others to cross the border and use squatting to get themselves a place to live.

“I don’t like to work,” he said in the video. “Boys, in the US there are a million tricks, a million things to do” to get free handouts.

Governor Ron DeSantis is not waiting on the squatter problem to take hold in Florida.

On Wednesday, DeSantis signed a bill that allows law enforcement to remove any squatter who cannot produce a notarized lease signed by the landowner.

In a video posted to X before he signed the bill, DeSantis pointed out the absurdity of squatting.

“Does your house belong to you, or if you are not using it can someone just come in, squat for a period of time, and then claim that they have a right to be there?” DeSantis said. “This so-called squatter’s scam is something that’s happening around the country,” he continued. “There’s even videos telling people how to go in and take over an empty house.”

“That was never how the law was supposed to work, and in Florida we are gonna take action today to end this scam and to protect the private property rights of our homeowners,” DeSantis promised. “You should not have anyone go on your property and take it over and then try to assert some rights,” he continued. “It’s absurd, we’re gonna put an end to it today, and we’ll be leading the way yet again in the process.”

At the bill signing press conference, DeSantis ripped Democrats-led states like California and New York for allowing the squatting scam.

“What passes muster in New York and California is not passing muster here,” DeSantis said. “You are not gonna be able to commandeer someone’s property and expect to get away with it,” he continued, before adding that “we are, in the state of Florida, ending the squatter scam once and for all.”

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