Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary just exposed one left-wing reporter for spreading lies about black history month

Feb 20, 2024

Facts no longer matter to many of the left-wing reporters in the corporate-controlled media.

They have launched several false accusations against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the past few years.

But Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary just exposed one left-wing reporter for spreading lies about black history month.

The Democrats and the left-wing media declared war on Ron DeSantis for his refusal to go along with Joe Biden’s pandemic policies.

They labeled him “Ron DeathSantis” and spread lies about how his pro-freedom policies would cause countless unnecessary COVID deaths.

But Ron DeSantis became one of the top enemies of the radical Left when he vowed to make Florida be where “woke goes to die.”

Of course, DeSantis ignored their attacks and smears and pushed forward with his anti-woke agenda.

When Democrats, the media, and Disney smeared him as anti-gay over the Parental Rights in Education Bill, which they misnamed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, DeSantis ignored the lies and signed the bill into law.

The left-wing media is now smearing Ron DeSantis as a racist over his rejection of the woke ideology in Florida’s educational system.

The Miami Herald recently ran a story claiming that DeSantis’ new rules required students to get a permission slip signed by their parents to participate in Black History Month events.

DeSantis’ office pointed out that it was a “ploy” designed to ignite public outrage, which infuriated Miami Herald reporter Ana Ceballos.

“NEW: Florida education officials accuse Miami school of engaging in ‘political ploy’ for requiring parental approval before students could participate in Black History Month events,” she wrote on social media. “School officials say they were trying to comply with state law.”

However, Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary, Bryan Griffin, dropped a truth bomb on Ceballos.

“Because it is a ploy,” Griffin responded. “Black history is required teaching in Florida,” he continued. “Obviously, no permission slip is required to teach it.”

Griffin then offered an example to help Ceballos better understand why she is wrong.

“It’d be like sending home a ‘permission slip’ to teach math, reading, or writing and then capitalizing on the outrage,” he wrote. “And the @MiamiHerald, instead of fact checking, muddies the waters to give the ploy legitimacy.” 

“Stop it,” he added.

Griffin’s comment apparently infuriated Ceballos.

She responded to him by trying to lecture him about how “the Miami Herald is just reporting what is happening.”

“Also, as reported in our story, parents in other counties have told us they had to sign permission slips for their kids to attend Black History Month activities — it was not just a Miami school,” she wrote.

But Griffin, once again, set the record straight by pointing out the absurdity of Ceballos’ claim that she is simply “reporting what is happening.”

“You aren’t, because the story purposefully neglects the fact that FL requires the teaching of black history, and the underlying lie in this whole charade is that black history is somehow controversial in FL or would need a special permission slip,” Griffin wrote. “It doesn’t,” he continued, before giving Ceballos a link to view the Florida standards.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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