Ron DeSantis sounded the alarm on this bone-chilling abuse of power by Joe Biden

Mar 14, 2024

Joe Biden is using the justice system to target his political opponents.

No one is safe from the wrath of his Justice Department. 

And Ron DeSantis sounded the alarm on this bone-chilling abuse of power by Joe Biden.

The FBI arrested The Blaze journalist Steve Baker for his reporting on January 6, which appears to be a politically motivated decision.

Baker was ordered to turn himself in on four non-violent misdemeanor charges related to January 6.

Conservative journalist targeted for January 6 reporting

Baker told Newsmax’s Carl Higbie that the FBI forced him to surrender himself, shackled him, and transported him to a courthouse where he was held in a cage with drug dealers.

The FBI was not planning to detain him past his initial court appearance but they still ran him through the ringer.

“They actually demanded that I turn myself in, we actually chose to do it in Dallas because I’m a North Carolina resident actually, but I’m here at the Blaze working,” Baker said. “And we decided to do the self-surrender, the voluntary self-surrender on Friday morning, and rather than allowing me to wear a suit and tie and cooperatively walk into the courtroom as a non-violently charged misdemeanor accused defendant, they instead had me go to the Dallas field office of the FBI, turn myself in, they put me in shackles and they took me downtown.”

The FBI would not tell Baker what charges they were filing against him until after he was arrested. 

“The FBI drove me to the federal courthouse in downtown Dallas where the United States Marshals then put me in leg chains and belt chains and put me in a cage with actual meth dealers,” Baker continued.

His reporting on the Oath Keepers trial poked a hole in the government’s case.

The Oath Keepers faced some of the most serious charges relating to January 6, including seditious conspiracy to overthrow the government.

Capitol Police officer David Lazarus was working on then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) security team on January 6.

He testified that Oath Keepers threatened Capitol Police Harry Dunn, who is now running for Congress in Maryland as a Democrat.

Baker reviewed surveillance footage released from the Capitol Building on January 6 that revealed Lazarus was in a different part of the building when he testified that the Oath Keepers threatened Dunn.

He did not arrive at Dunn’s location until minutes after the last Oath Keeper left.

Ron DeSantis slams Biden regime for targeting a journalist

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reacted to a clip of Baker’s interview with Newsmax on social media.

“Left-of-center journalists haven’t been charged but they go after Steve Baker, who reports from a perspective critical of the administrative state,” DeSantis wrote on X. “The charges — and the draconian treatment over alleged misdemeanor offenses — are textbook examples of weaponized justice wielded against a regime critic.”

Joe Biden is turning the country into a banana republic by targeting journalists.

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