Ron DeSantis was fuming when he heard how one teacher turned her third-grade classroom into a woke indoctrination camp

Feb 5, 2024

The radical Left is using America’s educational system to indoctrinate children into their woke ideology.

Ron DeSantis made parental rights in education a top priority of his administration.

And Ron DeSantis was fuming when he heard how one teacher turned her third-grade classroom into a woke indoctrination camp.

Ron DeSantis set off a national firestorm in 2021 when he became the first Republican to stand up and fight back against the woke Left.

DeSantis signed the STOP Woke Act into law, which banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory and other left-wing propaganda in Florida’s government schools.

He protected the integrity of women’s sports by prohibiting biological males from competing as females.

But DeSantis also fought to put an end to the Left pushing their woke gender ideology on young children.

DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Bill into law, which banned teaching gender and sex to children in kindergarten through third grade.

He also signed a bill that made it illegal to perform sex change operations on or give puberty blockers and hormones to children, a bill restricting the use of woke pronouns in school, and a bill that penalizes businesses for allowing kids to attend drag show performances.

But apparently the woke indoctrination is also taking place in private schools, which falls outside of the control of the legislation DeSantis signed into law.

And parents in Pinellas County, Florida were furious when one third-grade teacher used an event to push the Left’s woke ideology on the children.

Florida’s Voice spoke with parents of the private school who said that Shorecrest third-grade teacher Khana Rebman hosted the annual march as part of the school’s ‘Changemaker’ curriculum for elementary school children on Jan. 19,” Florida’s Voice reported. “Video footage obtained by Florida’s Voice revealed the third-grade teacher yelling for causes and directing the students to chant, ‘drive out hate’ and ‘be the change.’”

“Parents said the third graders were also holding signs, including some that said, ‘Pride Matters,’ ‘Stop using fossil fuels,’ ‘Civil Rights Rule’ with the Black Lives Matter fist, ‘Hate does not make America Great,’ and more,” Florida’s Voice also reported.

According to one parent, the teacher is a “far-Left social justice activist who doesn’t shy away from admitting she spills her views into her classroom of third graders.”

“It is obvious most of the students had no idea what was going on and based on the teacher, Khana Rebman, who hosted this and her opinions on DEI, Social Justice, and other prominent left-wing figures, the motive behind this march was purely indoctrination,” the mother said.

Since Shorecrest is a private, independent school, there’s not much DeSantis can do to stop the madness.

But many parents have put the administrators on notice that this will be their child’s last year attending the woke school.

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