Ron DeSantis was handed one shocking report about Haiti that put him on red alert

Apr 2, 2024

The crisis in Haiti is getting worse as violence spreads throughout the country.

Now the humanitarian crisis could turn into a catastrophe.

And Ron DeSantis was handed one shocking report about Haiti that put him on red alert.

DeSantis ready for influx of Haitians

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has the Sunshine State bracing for a mass migration of Haitians fleeing violence and political turmoil in the Caribbean nation.

That is why he deployed 250 members of the Florida National Guard and law enforcement to the Florida Keys.

Florida has boats, planes, and drones patrolling the coast, ready to turn over any boats carrying Haitians to the Coast Guard so they can be repatriated to their home country.

The influx of Haitians has not begun but a new report suggests the country is headed toward collapse.

Haiti facing the worst crisis on record because of surging violence

The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) is an initiative used to create reports for humanitarian groups, governments, and UN agencies about the need for food assistance in impoverished nations.

A report from the group sounded the alarm on the deteriorating conditions inside Haiti.

It claimed that five million people, half the country’s population, are dealing with a crisis level of food insecurity.

“The key drivers to this deterioration are increased gang violence, rising prices, low agricultural production due to below-normal rainfall, and the lack of previously planned humanitarian aid,” the IPC report stated.

Haitians being displaced by the gang violence is adding to the IPC’s concern about hunger.

Eight areas of the country are classified at the “emergency phase,” the level before a famine is declared.

“The current update shows a stark deterioration of food security in Haiti, with 532,000 additional people experiencing acute food insecurity compared to previous estimates for this season,” the report said.

One of the areas facing famine is the Artibonite Valley, the largest agricultural region in the country.

“Violent gang members swarming out of Port-au-Prince have overrun the valley, deliberately targeting farmers and their families for kidnapping and execution because each gang hopes to starve out its rivals,” Breitbart reported.

The UN warned last November that the valley was seeing an uptick in gang activity.

“Ransom payments, theft of crops and livestock, and destruction of irrigation canals have forced over 22,000 people to flee their villages and seek refuge in the region’s urban centers,” the U.N. said. “The aggravating effects of this situation are already being felt in Lower Artibonite, where by September 2023 over 45% of the population was living in a situation of acute food insecurity.”

Humanitarian groups are warning that they cannot supply the country with enough food because the capital, Port-au-Prince, is almost completely under the control of violent gangs.

“If the situation deteriorates without any efforts to address the unfolding humanitarian crisis, Port-au-Prince will soon find itself completely overwhelmed,” Laurent Uwumuremyi with the aid group Mercy Corps said.

The CEO of one of the main hospitals in Port-au-Prince, Jean Marc deMatteis, said the city was facing the possibility of running out of food and supplies within the next two weeks because airports and seaports are shut down because of violence.

A humanitarian crisis of epic proportions is unfolding in Haiti that could cause the country to collapse.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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