Ron DeSantis was stunned at this plot by RINOs to undermine freedom in Florida

Feb 21, 2024

Governor Ron DeSantis helped create the “Free State of Florida.”

Not everyone in the Republican Party of Florida shares his vision.

And Ron DeSantis was stunned at this plot by RINOs to undermine freedom in Florida.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is leading the charge to expand Second Amendment rights in the Sunshine State.

He signed into law a permitless carry bill last year that disappointed many gun rights advocates because it did not include open carry to make a true constitutional carry law.

Republicans have supermajorities in both houses of the Florida Legislature, which should have paved the way for more pro-gun legislation.

But RINOs leading the legislature have become a roadblock to passing more bills to expand Floridians’ Second Amendment freedoms.

State House Speaker Paul Renner and State Senate President Kathleen Passidomo are thwarting any attempt this legislative session to move bills to pass open carry and turn Florida into a true constitutional carry state.

DeSantis has vowed to sign an open carry bill if it arrives on his desk.

Guns rights legislation has stalled in the Florida Legislature with two RINOs running both chambers.

“At the halfway mark of the annual Florida legislative session, everyone but Republican leaders appear frustrated with the approach to gun regulations,” The Tallahassee Democrat reported. “Gun rights advocates fume that those proposals appear stalled in a Legislature where Republicans hold supermajorities in both chambers.”

Renner said on the opening day of this year’s legislative session that there’s “no appetite” for open carry.

A bill that passed the Florida House to lower the age to purchase a rifle from 21 to 18 years old last year died in the Florida Senate under Passidomo.

A similar bill this year faces the same fate under Passidomo after she called the proposal a “non-starter.” 

The age to buy a rifle in Florida was raised to 21 after the Parkland school shooting in 2018.

Anti-gun RINOs in Florida’s legislature used the tragedy to pass a sweeping gun control agenda that also included a red flag gun confiscation law, banned bump stocks, and instituted a three-day waiting period for all gun sales.

DeSantis noted the hypocrisy of letting 18-year-olds serve in the military and carry a rifle while not letting them buy one stateside.

“Look, I was in Iraq. I was there with 18-year-old Marines, 18-year-old soldiers that were put out in the streets of Fallujah and Rhimadi and told they had to risk their lives for this country. Then they come back after doing that, and even though they were carrying a firearm the whole time, they’re told you cannot exercise your Second Amendment rights here as an adult and as a veteran?” DeSantis said.

Even in the Free State of Florida, RINOs are working to undermine residents’ Second Amendment rights.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 


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