Ron DeSantis was stunned when kids had to be pulled from school after this disaster

Feb 13, 2024

Governor Ron DeSantis vowed that Florida is where woke goes to die.

One school did not get the message.

And Ron DeSantis was stunned when kids had to be pulled from school after this disaster.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been trying to rid the Sunshine State’s educational system of left-wing political indoctrination from the LBGTQ movement targeting kids.

He has taken bold action to ban the discussion of sexual orientation and radical gender ideologies in the classroom with his Parental Rights Bill that started with K-3 but was eventually expanded to all grades in government schools.

Parents at a private school in the Tampa area revolted after a shocking rally for third graders promoted diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and LGBTQ Pride to the students.

Shorecrest Preparatory School in Pinellas County, Florida held an “activism rally” for third-grade students as part of the elementary school’s “Changemaker” curriculum.

Florida’s Voice uncovered video footage of Shorecrest’s third grade teacher, Khana Rebman, calling on her students with a bullhorn to yell, “Drive out hate,” and “Be the change,” while marching.

The students held signs that included the Black Lives Matter fist, “Hate does not make America Great,” “Pride matters,” “Stop using fossil fuels,” and other left-wing bumper sticker slogans.

A concerned parent called Rebman a “far-left, social justice activist who doesn’t shy away from admitting she spills her views into her classroom of third graders.”

Some of the students’ parents responded to this woke political indoctrination by pulling their kids out of the school.

“It is obvious most of the students had no idea what was going on and based on the teacher, Khana Rebman, who hosted this and her opinions on DEI, Social Justice, and other prominent left-wing figures, the motive behind this march was purely indoctrination,” a parent told Florida’s Voice.

One student told his mother that the veins were popping out of Rebman’s neck while she was yelling through the bullhorn.

“These kids don’t have the mental capacity to understand the implications in the world around them enough to even know what they’re saying and what they’re chanting, and so, it’s indoctrination and grooming, the end,” a Shorecrest parent said.

Since Shorecrest is a private school, the Parental Rights Law enacted by DeSantis does not apply to it.

One mother decided to remove her family’s three children from the school because she no longer felt they were safe at the school after she was confronted by the school’s headmaster for expressing outrage over the march.

“We no longer felt our kids were safe at the school, you know, with how charged everything was, from the teachers and from the administration,” the mother said.

She added that every parent she talked to was outraged by the woke march.

The alarming incident at Shorecrest Prep shows that wokeness will not leave the classroom without a major fight.

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